198 thoughts on “Kauai Travel Will Reopen April 5: Details”

  1. This is great to hear. The key part of the announcement to me, as a resident that supported Kawakami’s decision to opt-out, is this:

    “by April he’s confident that employees in the hospitality and food service industries will be offered vaccines.”

    Creating a buffer of immunity around with the visitor/restaurant industry and around older residents is exactly what we needed in order to rejoin. This isn’t totally risk-free but there will be no risk of some uncontrollable surge.

    1. Chris G. Based on your comment it’s obvious to me that you have already earned your retirement savings and are retired. And … albeit you earned your retirement on the mainland … am I correct? God bless the working age locals that have, or are in the process of losing everything they have due to the unforgivable, irresponsible decisions of the mayor (Kawasaki) that you are singing praise to.


  2. Now I know that I can make my annual trip in mid-May and I may be able to use my vaccination to eliminate all the hassles. Hallelujah!!!!!

  3. This is awesome news! Can’t wait to visit Kauai in May!

    Has Hawaii started talking about different restrictions for visitors that have documentation confirming Covid vaccine(s) received 2 to 4 weeks before travel thus, not requiring a 72 hour Covid test? Just curious.

    Thank you for the great news today!

  4. Mahalo for this update. It sounds like great news for those of us planning to arrive via another island.

  5. Ecstatic!! Even though we already have plane tickets and a bubble hotel booked, we are so happy for the people of Kauai!! Thank you BOH for always keeping us in the loop!
    See you soon beautiful Kauai!

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