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  1. If only we could get a vaccine. We are in California and are not 65 so not sure when it will be our turn to get a vaccine. Nothing on the horizon as of yet. This morning biden said all americans will be vaccinated by June. Hmmm. Don’t think so.

  2. What’s happening on Kauai now is a step in the right direction. I’ve been keeping track of what, Lt. Gov. Green is hoping for. He’s hoping those that have been vaccinated, will be coming to Hawaii with only proof of vaccination, he’s hoping for sometime in May. The numbers/statistics coming out of Israel for the vaccine are starting to look good. That one shot vaccine from J&J/Merck should also be helpful.
    Aloha Guys.

  3. We may try to reschedule our vacation now to Kauai. Can anyone tell me, I know we need to test 72 hours before we get there, do we need to do the same to transfer to the Big Island for a week? And then do we need to test to get back to the Mainland?

    Thanks so much!!

    1. Hi Jodee.

      It depends on when you travel. It is being proposed (but is not yet effective) that interisland visitors who are vaccinated not need to participate in testing, Otherwise, current rules are testing before traveling between islands, other than to Honolulu. Testing is required as well when traveling to Kauai from the mainland.


  4. Please confirm that if we are staying on Oahu for 6 nights commencing March 24 and flying to Maui on March 30 we will need to retake a Covid test on the 27th? We will, of course, have a negative test coming over. So many confusing messages. Thank you.

    1. Hi Beverly.

      As it stands now, yes you will need to test within 72 hours of your scheduled flight time to Maui.


  5. Aloha Guys!

    This is great news! We moved our Kauai April trip to Maui and rescheduled Kaui for October. So we get two trips now! Care to speculate how soon some of the bigger hotels (Grand Hyatt, Sheraton Poipu etc) will reopen? They were burned last time. Can’t wait to get back!


    1. Hi Jon.

      We have the same question. Let’s see what the coconut wireless tells us in that regard. If, and it is a big if, these stakeholders feel assured by the county that this will not change again suddenly, then we are thinking they will open later in April. They will have already missed the spring break, so the timing isn’t critical.


    2. Correction, I believe our President stated there will be enough vaccine for all American adults by end of May. This move up on time is a direct result of him enacting the war production act and getting Merck to help manufacture the J&J vaccine.

      @2mil vaccinations per day x 90days (Mar,Apr, May) , that’s an additional 180mil protected Americans! That’s huge progress, really.

  6. Wonderful news! We think we made it happen as we had just made reservations on Sunday for April 4th and was going to bite the bullet to do a bubble resort, even though we have a place on the north shore.

    I just want to thank you for keeping us so well informed throughout the mess. You reported news more quickly and much more consistently than The Garden Isle. Your articles were the subject of much discussion in our household and amongst friends in Colorado. Great job!

    May we all focus on recovery for all now.

    1. Hi Kathi.

      Thanks! So we are awaiting clarification on what happens to those who arrive just before the rule change. Will your resort bubble stay be reduced? We don’t know.


      1. Let’s hope the testing requirement as it has stood is rescinded or revised. FYI: The tests that HI currently approves are EXPENSIVE! Costs range from $135-$170. Free tests which are available throughout the country are not guaranteed to report test results in 72 hours, so you have to be gouged by “approved” labs to meet the requirements. Also, test results are not always accurate, whereas the vaccines are FDA approved to prevent COVID with a 95% efficacy. Start saving your money for tests on top of airfare, lodging and rental cars. For a family of 10, in my case, that could add up to $1,700 to our trip
        …unacceptable and unnecessary!

  7. This is fabulous news for all owners and tourists who love Kauai. Please notify if we will need to get the QR code to enter and rent a car. It will be so much easier if it’s just showing proof of a negative Covid testing. Thank you for making this happen!!!

    1. Hi Sharon.

      The QR codes have been a part of Safe Travels and that is not going to change based on yesterday’s announcement. We don’t know if car rental companies will require them, although we have heard that they do on other islands as well.


  8. Read this article to find out why you should not visit HI until they get rid of their ridiculous testing program.


  9. Thank you for the timely information. I was wondering with this news what you thought the chances are on airlines like southwest resuming their direct flights to Kauai sooner than currently scheduled?

    1. Hi Scott.

      Yes we do expect to see updates to add back nonstop flights to Kauai soon.


      1. Thank you for all the information I’ve been telling all my friends about your newsletter and website as the most up to date and informative that I can find related to Hawaii travel.

    2. Aloha. We have a trip to Kauai planned for mid August & car rental prices are really high- Do you think they may drop in the future. Mahalo. Andy

      1. Hi Andy.

        Yes the will come down but it hard to say by how much. That is due to factors including unknown demand and industry consolidation.


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