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Koa Kea Hotel: A New Gem At Poipu Beach

Bold, sophisticated, and featuring a new look in Hawaii hospitality, the Koa Kea Hotel and Resort has made its debut at Poipu Beach.

Does this self described calming sanctuary, the former Poipu Beach Hotel, live up to expectation? I stayed there recently to find out.

With the lowest opening special at $299 per night, my expectations were high. The Koa Kea met them in guest service, amenities and elegance.

What to expect from the design by Anita Brooks.kk7a

When I walked through the lobby its furnishings and color palate reminded me of modern Moroccan elegance. The lobby exterior had the feeling of a lodge with its stone archway and pillars leading out to the pool.

My partial ocean view room was done in a dark brown and white color combination with turquoise accents. A strong departure from traditional island colors.

On a tour of the property I saw some rooms with vaulted ceilings and others done in lighter shades.

kk3aMy luxury room favorites.

I love coffee and having an in-room espresso maker was a big hit.

The two-person shower was elegantly done in Italian marble and featured a generous assortment of L’Occitane products. In addition to a regular shower head I could opt for a rainfall effect from the ceiling or have both at the same time. The rainfall was my favorite.  I also liked the lighting effect in the shower which replicated natural light from the outside.

Bath towels were large and over sized. I found the guest bathrobe, one size fits all, a perfect fit for my tall frame.

The bed linens were fine Egyptian cotton and featured a lush mattress topper for a good night sleep.

Outdoor pools were the ultimate in relaxation.kk6a

I liked the smooth rock lined jacuzzi that was kept hot at 104 degrees. There was no smell of chemicals in either pool. The swimming pool had a mottled dark blue bottom. As I lounged by the pool I enjoyed the view of the expansive lawn leading out to the ocean.

No beach and that’s okay.

There’s more privacy and unobstructed views. You’re always a close walk to where you can swim in the ocean.

Guest service professional and attentive.

With only 121 rooms the hotel prides itself on guest comfort and service. When I arrived I was met by the Valet who escorted me to the front desk and introduced me by name.  After check-in the guest service agent escorted me to my room to ensure everything was in working order. Nightly turn down service was excellent.  Whenever I had a special request it was seen to immediately.

My Guest Tips at Koa Kea.

1. Call the hotel directly at 808.828.8888 and negotiate upgrades.

2. Microwaves are free but you’ll need to make a request.

kk5a3. Ask for a top sheet if the down duvet is too heavy for you. It’s high quality and feels nice, but used as a top sheet the way it was intended, I found it too heavy for our tropical climate.

4. Resort fee is $15 per day and includes unlimited valet parking and high speed Internet. The gym is complimentary.

5. There are two guest service laundry rooms on the grounds.

6. When you step out on your lanai it won’t be completely private as you’ll see from my picture.kk2a

7.  For best views book a partial ocean category or higher. If you’re lucky enough to score an ocean front room, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping over the surf.

8.  I stayed in the ‘Eha building which had strong morning sun.  The ‘Ekolu building looks cooler that time of day with less glare and better evening sunset views.

If you stay at Koa Kea Hotel and Resort, be sure to comment and let us know about your guest experience.

7 thoughts on “Koa Kea Hotel: A New Gem At Poipu Beach”

  1. Hi Lindsay.

    First, no, I don’t think it would be annoying as there are nice beaches within a couple of minutes stroll.

    October is “traditionally” the best weather, and dry, island-wide.

    Aloha, Rob

  2. I am attempting to plan our honeymoon for Oct. 11-Oct.21 in Kauai. I found Koa Kea and thought it looked great, but we are big beach people… Do you think since Koa Kea does not have its own beach, that this might be “annoying” for us lazy beach bums? 🙂 Also, we are very interested in the St. Regis in Princeville; however, I heard that this can be the rainier side of the island. How true is that statement for the month of October? And by rainy, do they mean a quick shower in the afternoon… Because that’s very different than rain all day, every day.

    Thanks in advance for your help! 🙂

  3. Hi Christina,

    There’s a sandy beach on both sides of Koa Kea (with best swimming in front of the Waiohai resort which is next door). Poipu is normally dry this time of year.

    Enjoy Kauai and our best Aloha to you,

    Beat of Hawaii

  4. Hi There –
    I just stumbled upon your website and have found it highly informative! My husband and I are planning our first trip to Kauai — it’s last minute and we plan on going next week. Could you please tell us what the weather is like in Poipu this time of year? We’re concerned about weather reports saying scattered showers everyday. Also, after reading your review, we’re interested in staying at the Koa Kea Hotel. You mentioned there’s no beach — how far of a walk is it to a sandy beach from the hotel? Thank you so much — any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  5. Hi Christine,

    No I didn’t eat at Red Salt. After friends dined there recently, I decided to give them a little time to iron out the kinks first.

    I’ll post a review when we eat there.

    Aloha, Rob

  6. Hello Rob,
    Just visiting from Twitter where I found your today’s tweet about Koa Kea Hotel in Poipu. Who doesn’t like Poipu?!

    You seemed to have a great stay and enjoyed yourself at the hotel. When living in Hawaii, beach access for swimming is not top priority. Probably, the hotel was nice enough to waive the room fee for such a nice review…

    Aloha, Pua
    Best Hawaii Vacation blog

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