A New Kona Village Returns. Are You Ready for $15-$30k/week?

New Kona Village Resort Returns: Starting From $15K Weekly!

How high is too high? That number has not yet been set, as demonstrated in the pricing of the about-to-reopen Kona Village Resort.

The resort, once frequented by Steve Jobs, has just opened reservations starting in July 2023, and the prices and amenities are both eye-popping, to be sure. Perched on the south Kohala Coast on the Big Island and neighboring the Four Seasons Hualalai, it is a much shorter drive to Kona Airport than most other resorts.

One week at Kona Village will cost from $15,000 to 29,000 or more.

On checking reservations, the fall of 2023 has the lowest priced stand-alone garden view hale starting at $1,850 per night, with a total of over $15k for a 7-night stay. When we thought we were getting used to higher Hawaii hotel prices, something like this changed our perception once again. By the way, rooms go up to about $20k per night. And, for example, a 410 square-foot oceanfront hale will set you back over $3,5k/night in low season or $29.3k/week.

The property is on 81 acres with 150 iconic guest “hales,” each replete with a thatched roof, private lanai, and outdoor shower. Some are very large, while others are not. Originally opened in the 1960s, the resort closed following tsunami damage over ten years ago. Some of its iconic venues are returning too, like Shipwreck Bar and Talk Story Bar. More details remain to be revealed as the resort gets closer to opening.

Resorts on the Kohala Coast.

The first resort, the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, by Laurance Rockefeller, opened further up the coast in 1965. It was followed by its sister property, the Hapuna Beach Hotel, then the Mauna Lani, the Fairmont Orchid, and the unusual Waikoloa resorts.

Will you be reserving a stay at the new Kona Village resort?


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27 thoughts on “New Kona Village Resort Returns: Starting From $15K Weekly!”

  1. Sad to see how much it cost to stay at the place we were married 42 years ago. We stayed at Kona Village at least 12 times! Uncle Leon blessed the new pool including us in the blessing. Kona Village was family to my wife and 2 girls. There is no way we will be able to return with the prices you are quoting. We were hoping to stay at the Village for my 70th birthday. Great memories, sad you have priced out so many people


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