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Magnum PI Robin’s Nest Now Controversial Obama House Hawaii

Waimanalo has always been a favorite beach, and it looks like a former president feels the same way. Why is this so mired in controversy?

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128 thoughts on “Magnum PI Robin’s Nest Now Controversial Obama House Hawaii”

  1. Hawaii had a wonderful opportunity to create a tourist hot spot, there would have been no other location in the state that had accommodated so many actors, American English in fact international in the whole of its film industry!!!. So, you demolished it, utter insanity!, and worst yet Obama’s hand in it……..Shame on the 50th state.

  2. The Obamas need a Higgins to look after the place whilst they are off gallivanting around the world. As I am English and over 50, I volunteer.

  3. For the record: i’ve read all of the comments regarding the property known as robins nest. The house was torn down in 2018, well before the Obamas, purchased the land. There was a provision regarding the seawall before the Obamas purchase that allowed it to stay.

    So for the record, don’t blame the Obamas, because they were hard to earn the money to purchase the property. I know I would have if I had them that kind of money, but it was a Stater Hawai’i they kept the seawall there.


    1. Kai,

      By 2018, there may have already been “quiet” discussions between Obama and the state of Hawaii.

      Personally, I don’t care. Every former president, even Obama, has earned the right to live just about anywhere in the USA even if a few zoning rules, etc have to be overlooked.

        1. Valid point, Will.

          But, even with Ll the perks of the presidency, the many negatives earn every president some slack in retirement.

          Even Biden, when he’s done serving.

      1. According to articles regarding the property, the property had been in disrepair for quite some time, actually several years.

        When the property went up for sale it was purchased by someone else, and put into a trust. No one knew who purchased it, however it was speculation that the man was a friend of the Obamas. After all President Obama was born and raised in Hawaii and it was rumored that he wanted to come back to his hometown.

        Now with the house in disrepair and in need of demolition, no one in his right mind would spend millions to purchase a rundown property, tear it down, then rebuild it as it use to be. If I’m buying, I decide how it looks, not others.

  4. Loved❤️ that home I was born in 67 and saw it on Hawaii 5 O and then in the 80s on Magnum PI. I always thought one day I might visit there well fast forward to just a few years before it was tore down and I did I walk through the title pool behind the property on the beach and walked up to the stairs where Tom Selleck walked up many times on the show I was sorry to see the state of disrepair and neglect that has occurred since the show and now I’m really disappointed they didn’t try to save it, and just all those did over like it was some sort of worthless building.

    1. I have toured around the nearby area, but never got to see the estate or the beach area. It is sad that there wasn’t any way to preserve or renovate the structure. I read some where that the cost would have been too high to try and save it. I definitely would have loved to see it before it was torn down.

  5. There is such great seduction living near the water. Around the world people yearn to live on ocean beach front, lakes and rivers. It has never been a durable or risk free place to live. With climate change making it even riskier. Sea wall will only give the Obama property a few extra years. It is sad that they did not work through other options. Set back farther and have easy to move trails down to what would be an active beach. Instead the homes and sea wall are a bad investment with little durability.

    1. Gordon, I tend to agree with you except your mention of climate change. Seawalls eventually are detroyed over time by the water. I doubt that “climate change” will have any material impact on that wall.

      I didn’t and never would vote for Obama, but I don’t begrudge him a safe place to build his home. Just as long as he pays full property taxes every year.

      For some reason beat of hawaii doesn’t connect to from PC or laptop. So with Logoteck K780and MX Mechanical I can switch between PC and phone and use my keyboard by switching devices on the keyboard. glad to be back.

  6. What is the final result of the seawall, is it going to remain? I love and respect the Obamas. Yet I understand how barriers, harbors etc, change the sand flow, reef habitat, corals etc. I would like to know more. It seems it might be better to take it out although it may now be a natural reef in which cast, not so much? Is it mainly to keep out big storm waves, sharks or what? Thank you.

    1. Ummm…Alison…seawalls are not put in place to protect from sharks. I guess, in a really bad hurricane, you could awake to find a hammerhead in your living room, but then, if that actually happened, you’d have Far larger problems than worrying about shark bites.

      I think perhaps you are confusing the ancient turtle rock enclosure offshore with the actual wall along the shoreline. If so, excuse my poor humor, lol.

  7. Why did the Obamas buy 2 waterfront properties–one in Martha’s Vineyard, and one in Hawaii–the sea levels are rising due to global warming, remember?! 😉


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