102 thoughts on “New Normal in Hawaii: Free One-Way Return Flights, Arrests, More”

  1. Please send me back to mainland.. my jobs have gone done since covid I can’t keep up with rent..
    please tell me how I can get in program to leave this state.

    1. Hi Tina.

      Did you see the $62 airfares from 2 days ago? That’s going to be your best bet, next time a sale comes up.


  2. Me and my brother became homeless and we just want to get home to are family there is there a place we call or go to get help off the islands back home to Portland Oregon we need help please

    1. Hi Henry.

      We are not aware of any such resources. Perhaps someone see will add their comment.


  3. If you’re aware, please explain going forward any restrictions on VRBO, Home Away, Air BNB ect.


  4. Wondering if they have extended the 14 day quar antine for visitors going to Hawaii past April 30th?

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