New Year Hawaii Airfare Sale: $165+ Including Kauai and Kona

Great prices on flights to Hawaii again today, but with a new twist. Most Hawaii airfare sales have good prices just to Maui and Honolulu. Generally left out are Kauai and the Big Island. Today however we feature eight “look no further,” sub-$400 airfares to all islands. That’s our focus and those fares are in bold below. We’ve also included eleven airfares in the $400’s that are great value. Canadian snow birds are included too!

Make plans for a warm Hawaii vacation this winter when you join other snow birds and head south to Hawaii. Prices below are one-way and a round trip may or may not be required. Links lead to the four airlines that are participating in these Hawaii deals.

Most fares are January and February. Air Canada is through June. Largely midweek travel and some weekends too.

Kauai Deals

San Diego From $179

San Jose $181

Oakland $209

Seattle $223

Portland $226

Kona Deals

San Diego $193

San Jose $209

San Francisco $225

Oakland $231

Maui Deals

Oakland $179

San Diego, San Francisco or San Jose $189

Seattle $218

Phoenix $221

Honolulu Deals

Vancouver $165 (Available through early June)

San Jose and Oakland $169 

San Diego $189

San Francisco $208 

Portland and Seattle $221

Los Angeles $239

16 thoughts on “New Year Hawaii Airfare Sale: $165+ Including Kauai and Kona”

  1. Looking to travel from Oakland to Lihue March 13-19, 2017. Finding flights around $555. Do you expect any lower?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Casey.

      That’s spring break. It could come down somewhat if you wait, but that is anything but certain during that period. Best hope is mid to high $400’s.


  2. I’ll be traveling from Boston to Honolulu 8/17-8/29 in 2017, the airfare is currently at $800+, would deals be available and when? What is the realistic expectation for the price?

  3. My wife and I are seniors and we are looking to go to the large island and or Kauai. We have no schedule so we can go most anytime soon. Are there going to be any better deals than $450.00 from Portland Oregon in the near future? Thank you for any words of wisdom on this.

  4. Traveling from Tucson,AZ. Round trip. Preferably your least rainy season. Would like to go to Big Island and Kawai…and Pearl Harbor. Thank you for any assistance.

  5. Hi. My husband and I are senior citizens and are looking to travel to Kona possibly the first week of March. We are traveling from San Diego and are looking for a non stop flight. Any information that you can help us with getting a good fare would be most appreciated. Thank you so much for your trouble.

  6. Warm Aloha Nui! What do you project for best airfares from Indy, Chicago or nearby airports to HNL in the next 12 months?

    1. Hi Tami,

      Right now we see low to mid $600’s depending on connection time in January and February including some weekends. Chicago get zero to few sales to Hawaii and that’s about as good as you’re likely to find.


  7. Im trying to fly to Kona in march where I’ll be teaching a few art classes March 18th – 25th. I’m pretty flexible on dates but I was hoping to spend no longer the 2 to 2.3 weeks there before returning back to portland Oregon.
    Im watching all of your low fair emails coming thru but having a hard time locating deals for around this time. I’m happy to fly Alaska or Hawaiian and I can do one way here and one way back (sometimes that is cheaper) or round trip.
    I also have a $75 off voucher for Alaska that expires March 30th that I can use.
    Do you have any input for me?
    Thank you so much for your time.

    1. Hi Casey.

      2nd half of March into first half of April is spring break, which is the issue. Expect to pay about $600 RT.


      1. I’m coming from North Carolina 4/6 to 4/16. Tickets are hovering around $1k. What’s the realistic price for that time? It seems high. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

        1. Hi Teresa.

          That’s spring break and $1k is to be expected then. Could go down at last minute, but not likely.


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