New York to Hawaii Deals From $198 Until June 2022

Chicago and New York to Hawaii Deals From $183 “Until June 2022”

Fly after the governor’s latest travel recommendations and still save up to 65% today on great Hawaii deals from New York to all islands. These unadvertised offers could end at any time. If you plan to join us here in Hawaii from the East Coast, today’s a perfect time to lock in this price.

Also, note the following airfares sales:

Fares are available for a limited time (as in today only), so act now for the best selection of flights to Hawaii at the lowest cost.

Read on for further details. If you miss this deal, stay tuned as there will be more airfare sales ahead for return to Hawaii travel announced soon.

This includes travel until mid-June on many of these routes. The cheapest fares are through mid-December, but some are only about $30 more each way until summer 2022! Unbelievable pricing.

Do keep in mind that this isn’t an ordinary year either in Hawaii or anywhere else. Restaurants have been hard to get into, Hawaii car rentals have been sky-high, and activities have been sold out. But things are changing quickly. We recently found some Hawaii car rentals for this fall at a fraction of the cost we found just a couple of weeks ago. A friend couldn’t get his desired hotel reservation for September, and then it suddenly opened up when he checked again.

Can you get a refund or a credit on these sale tickets if you change your mind don’t visit now?

The answer is no on refunds, as tickets are non-refundable. Regarding credit, it depends entirely on which airline you are flying and that has recently gotten a lot more interesting. Three airlines are offering to change flights for free, on even their cheapest tickets. For the full overview of that situation, read: Airlines Again Offer Free Changes On All Hawaii Flights

New York to Hawaii Deals | Flights From $198 Each Way

Route on sale and prices each way:

Notes on Availability and purchase dates: Purchase today, 8/26/21, for best availability. Prices are each way and require an advance purchase. Complete travel through mid-December 2021, depending on the route. Not all dates or flights. Travel can start either on the mainland or in Hawaii.

Updated 8/26/21.


18 thoughts on “Chicago and New York to Hawaii Deals From $183 “Until June 2022””

  1. When I checked for Boston, I got a price of $4,036 round trip for November. I have to wonder if anyone actually buys tickets at those prices!

  2. Is this really supposed to be in today’s newsletter? All the comments below are months to over a year old.

    1. Hi Diana.

      If you see the bottom of the article, it clearly states “Updated 8/26/21.” Some posts, such as this one are considered evergreen and we repurpose them.


  3. Hawaiian Air had talked about flying out of Philadelphia, PA. Have they totally dropped that idea? It would be so nice to have this option.

  4. Is the stay at home order infect from 12:00am September 10 to September 23
    Covid19 causes were 58 yesterday and 88 today for oahu i hope the stay at home order helps
    Thank you

  5. Reading a few comments from June I notice many (including myself) believed the airlines were playing a game. Booking people on discounted flights they knew would likely never fly. Then when we try to book in the future I expected them to charge large fare differences.

    I am happy to report that last week Hawaiian air allowed us to move our July cancelled trip to the week of thanksgiving. Although the price was almost 1000 more per ticket they did not charge us the fare difference. Very nice of Hawaiian airlines to do so. Very happy I did not change the trip in advance even though I knew we couldn’t go in July due to the extended quar antine and instead waited until Hawaiian air cancelled the trip. Highly recommend others follow the same approach.

    Hopefully all works out for November. Thank you!

  6. Thank you. Any news on the Hawaiian Air nonstop HNL/Boston? I have now changed Hawaiian Air tickets for clients trying to return to Boston from Kauai 5 times! Each time Hawaiian has cancelled their flight to Boston.
    Mahalo for any information you may offer.

    1. Hi Catherine.

      That flight will be back together with the rest of their schedule. Stay tuned for news soon.


    1. These airline companies are acting like banks. What happens is you buy a cheap plane ticket… If the flight gets cancelled, you can take a credit and pay the fare difference, or get your money back. Either way they have a 0% loan on your money. The fares will go up radically once Hawaii is open. Anyone that is holding on to a credit will pay the fare difference. Everyone else will pay the high price to go. Right now airlines need money to pay back for all the cancellations, and this is the way to do it. I am surprised the feds aren’t getting involved. I am also surprised people keep buying the cheap tickets. We have had over $20,000.00 in cancelled airfare over this stint. The only people offering us tickets without a fare difference, to go at a later date, was Turkish Air. We took the money back on all of them, except for flights we had to NYC that were still operating and so we were forced to take a credit.

  7. Great rates on airfare! Now, has Hawaii nailed down specific dates, entrance requirements and conditions for a visit? I’d love to know some definite specifics so that we could coordinate a “sure thing” trip. The starts and stops are as frustrating as they are expensive! Please take the guess work out of the equation.

    1. Hi Linda.

      As we said we will know more soon. Will those $200 airfares return? Hard to say. But definitely not for Christmas travel.


  8. Any word from Hawaiian on those routes? Think I’ll wait and see what they come up with as they were doing those routes non stop.
    I’m guessing the AA UAL routing will have multiple stops.

    1. Hi John.

      No word from Hawaiian and yes they are nonstop on them. They have never been that cheap on HA ever, by the way, and certainly not for Christmas travel. For those willing to jump, it is a great deal, although we certainly understand not doing so too. The regular price for end of year holidays would be from $1000 and up round trip.

      Thanks for all of your comments John! We appreciate it.


    1. Hi Lisa.

      It is quite rare actually. Competition from there is in lockstep. There’s been talk of Hawaiian going to the midwest and that would shake things up. After all this mess though, who knows.


  9. Have there been any developments/rumors along the lines of C0VID testing within 3 days of arrival at airport to avoid full quar antine?

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