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American Airlines Hawaii Deals: All Islands From $134

A big surprise today, with some of the cheapest ever American Airlines Hawaii deals today on 12 routes to all islands. These include travel on peak weekend days through the fall. See details below on routes and availability.

Today, cheap flights to Hawaii on routes from four mainland cities up to 5,000 miles from Hawaii, for a fraction of the normal cost. Unbeatable airfares to Honolulu, Maui, Kauai, and Kona. Fares are also valid starting in Hawaii. Take your pick and come enjoy Hawaii this summer and fall. Today’s airfare sale comes from generally Hawaii-quiet American Airlines.

We’re always excited to see airlines offer Hawaii deals and especially when it’s one of our legacy carriers. These fares are for Denver, Chicago, Houston, and Phoenix.

Travel and purchase dates: Book immediately at American Airlines as this unadvertised sale could end at any time. Travel dates vary widely by route but include dates from late summer to early fall 2022.

Fares and Availability: Prices below are each way, including all taxes and fees. These are the lowest regular economy fares offered and are not available on all or even most dates/flights. Fares are “pukas” and have limited availability based on route, season, and day of the week. You’ll need to scour to find them. If you no longer find fares listed, they’ve become sold out. This will definitely end within hours.

How to Book: Use the links below. Online booking only. You cannot get these deals by calling the airline.

More Help: If you don’t find the deal or dates you are looking for, sign up for our free email updates for many more Hawaii airfare sales ahead.

Cheap American Airlines Hawaii Deals: Across US > All Islands From $134

Denver to Maui $164.
Denver to Kauai $166.
Denver to Big Island $166.

Chicago to Maui $194.
Chicago to Kauai $197.
Chicago to Big Island $195.

Houston to Maui $178.
Houston to Kauai $180.

Phoenix to Honolulu $154. (Also on Hawaiian Airlines).
Phoenix to Maui $134.
Phoenix to Kauai $139.
Phoenix to Big Island $139.

Updated 4/27/22.

Beat of Hawaii © photo at Kona.

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      1. Remember that there is no fee to change in most cases. I have found that you can cancel and rebook if the fares are substantially cheaper and have the remainder as a flight credit for your future travel.

  1. Hawaii fares are so low now, the lowest fare I could find LA to Seattle is a ticket to Maui and skipping off the plane in Seattle. Hawaii must have the lowest demand ever. Over a thousand for rental car, thousands for hotel and food, pretty soon your talking big money even if airfare were free.


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