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American Airlines Hawaii Deals: All Islands From $134

Before fuel costs cause airfares to soar. Travel on 12 routes to all islands via American Airlines Hawaii deals.

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52 thoughts on “American Airlines Hawaii Deals: All Islands From $134”

  1. We are planning on traveling to Oahu next June. Would you suggest doing a package deal ( Hotel/ Airfare) from Southwest or Costco or just buy separately? Unfortunately, I am learning that June is the most expensive month to go…. Is July any better?

  2. What prices can we expect for Christmas time from DFW? When would be a good time to book? Travel on Christmas day not a problem

    1. Hi Stephanie.

      It happens but it is quite rare. There was a $187 fare each way with stops last December. Nonstop is never on sale.


  3. Hello! Will you please inform me of the most cost efficient time to travel to HNL from DTW? Also, will you please give me an idea of the cost of a round trip ticket in Sept. and Dec. ? Thank you.

    1. Hi Dana.

      September or first week in December should price similarly. Price will largely depend on duration. Fastest connections equal highest price. Look for a range of high $500’s to low $700’s. Check in next couple of months.


  4. Should I keep waiting for airfare prices to drop for end of June/first week of July 2018 or since it’s peak summer will fares likely continue to increase? I’m traveling from Austin, TX to Maui in a group of 11. Thank you so much for your help and I really appreciate your site!!

    1. Hi Anne.

      Prices will not drop for that period, one of the most expensive and in demand of the year. Book ASAP. Since you have over 10, however, check with group sales desks of various airlines to see if you might get a group rate.


  5. Aloha! We are hoping to go to Maui mid-June. We live in the Bay Area of California. Which airport would you recommend flying out of for best airfare?: San Francisco, Oakland, or San Jose? Thank you so much for all your information and help 🙂

    1. Hi Andy.

      Probably not. Reason is 6/10 is a high demand date and 6/1 is moderate demand. If you could switch to mid-week both directions, then it improves your chances.


  6. We are looking for flights to Maui and or Honolulu for late January early February 2019. What are the prices usually like for this time of the year?

  7. Good morning,
    We’ll be traveling early to mid June to The Big Island. Prices have been pretty stagnant for the past couple months from our departure airports, TOL and DTW(preferably TOL). We are taking our 4 kids plus our niece with us so I am really hunting and hoping for a deal. In your best opinion could you please tell me if you think prices will drop at all or am I risking them increasing if I don’t purchase soon? Thank you in advance for any info. Trip of a lifetime for us!

    Thank you,

    TOL or DTW —-> KOA
    June 6 —> June 20

    1. Hi Cheryl.

      Looks like starting from $700 from DTW 19 hour duration. Toledo starts $160 or so higher. Doubtful these will improve and availability could become a problem.


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