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$99 Dallas, Phoenix, LAX, or Chicago to Hawaii Deals

We’re getting more early examples of what’s to come as Hawaii travel resumes in earnest. It is really unusual to see anything like these prices, especially from far away Chicago and Dallas. The last time we wrote about Chicago to Honolulu, the price was nearly double today’s Hawaii deal. But then again, this is certainly not a normal time. Chicago is one of the non-west coast cities we are most frequently asked about.

Today American Airlines is saying they are in the Hawaii game, and here is their proof. Also, check other airlines as we are starting to see competitive deals starting to pop up. Not only do we have Chicago on sale, but also Texas, California, and Arizona.

Act immediately to take advantage of these prices as availability is quite limited. Take a break from the winter weather on the mainland and switch to the islands instead. By the way, we have been to Chicago in January, and it’s cold like we have never experienced. If you are Kamaaina and want to winter in any of these locations, these deals are available starting from Hawaii.

Chicago to Honolulu: $99 each way on American Airlines.

Phoenix to Honolulu: $99 each way on American Airlines.

Phoenix to Maui: $99 each way on American Airlines.

Phoenix to Kona: $99 each way on American Airlines.

Dallas to Honolulu: $99 each way on American Airlines.

Dallas to Maui: $99 each way on American Airlines.

Dallas to Kona: $99 each way on American Airlines.

Los Angeles to Honolulu: $99 each way on American Airlines.

Los Angeles to Maui: $99 each way on American Airlines.

Los Angeles to Kona: $99 each way on American Airlines.

Travel dates:  Through May 2021, depending on the route. Mostly mid-week travel. Use the airline’s flexible date search to find availability.

Fares and Availability: One-way trip prices above include all taxes and fees. These are the lowest round trip fares in these markets and are not available on all or even most dates. Use a flexible date search to view fare and availability by month.

If you don’t find availability, the sale is either over, or your selected dates aren’t included in this offer.

Beat of Hawaii © photo at Wailea Beach Maui.

Updated 1/8/20.

18 thoughts on “$99 Dallas, Phoenix, LAX, or Chicago to Hawaii Deals”

  1. We are looking for flights from Dallas to Honolulu from July to July 6th. Would greatly appreciate if you know of any deals. Thank You.

    1. Hi Polly.

      About $600 RT with one stop or $800 nonstop. It will be a busy summer and those are normal prices for then.


  2. We are booked to come towards the last week of Jan from Las Vegas. BUT, after checking and their are only about 3 vendors acceptable for Covid test in this city, I am very concerned about ability to get tested at required time with results before leaving. Any movement from authority’s on this issue?

  3. American Airlines will operate a direct flight CLT to HNL. The Charlotte-Honolulu route is scheduled to operate six times a week through June 2. On June 3, that service will become daily through Sept.7. This will be on a Boeing 777-200 which has 273 seats.

    That will make it the only nonstop flight to Hawaii from the Charlotte airport.

  4. Just would like to know! I paid 6600.00 for my tickets last March and now I’m able to get a ticket for 99.00 I don’t get it ?

  5. Are you seeing any decent fares to Kauai? Delta seems to be the only airline to have a direct flight. Could this be correct? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Paulette.

      The current environment is so different that it is hard to predict. Give us your routes and dates and we’ll have a look foryou.


  6. Thanks for the great info. Our Jan. trip to Kauai is now $215.00 round trip from Phoenix. 8 weeks ago I paid $321.00. I call American Air and they changed my trip to the new rate. I now have a voucher for a future trip $206.00.. Keep up the great communication….

  7. Just curious….why would anyone going to Hawaii from Boston or NY travel on AA or UAL
    when you can get a non stop on Hawaiian Air?
    Truly, I don’t work for Hawaiian but I can’t imagine not just hoping on a HA nonstop rather then dealing
    with the connections and arguably inferior service?

    1. 100%. We booked our flight from Boston to Honolulu in February non stop using Hawaiian Airlines. It was about $170 more to book the non stop flight than using American or United. But makes way more sense to just get on a non stop flight than having to deal with possible delays (which we actually dealt with on our first trip to Hawaii 2 years ago) weather issues in other states.

  8. Aloha-

    Mahalo for keeping is updated on the various twists and turns of reopening. We look forward to returning next spring.

    Please let us know if you have heard anything or have any thoughts about special pricing for flights from Denver like I see for other cities?

    Thanks again!


    1. Hi Ed.

      Yes, when you see places like Chicago and Dallas, there’s definitely a reason to hope for Denver to Hawaii deals. We’ll keep an eye out for those.


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