Now Two Disruptive Hawaii Flights: Same Day/Same Airline

Now Two Disruptive Hawaii Flights: Same Day/Same Airline

One airline had two flights with the same issue on Friday as unruly passenger behavior on Hawaii flights is soaring. What’s concerning about incidents like this one that resulted in a 19-hour delay.

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96 thoughts on “Now Two Disruptive Hawaii Flights: Same Day/Same Airline”

  1. These type of people should be black listed to any airline so if they want to fly it would be required from them a paper from a lawyer and signed by passenger the he/she will behave of be arrested for endangering all other passengers.

  2. Stiff fines and if warranted, jail time. This has to stop. It is so wrong to delay an entire flight because one person is out of line. Put him in a seat and strap him down so he can’t get up and let the flight can land where it is supposed to. The safety of the flight crew and passengers is of the utmost importance.

  3. No. Fly. List. 5 years minimum.
    No. Alcohol.
    I know that penalizes all the responsible drinkers out there, but, well, there’s things I’d like to be able to do but can’t. Who doesn’t pine for the days when you could bring a bottle of water or cup of coffee through security? I’m sure many would be glad if I could have a regular-size deodorant in my carryon. And I know that will cause a lot of complaints from the concessionaires, but that is just putting their profit above our safety. Eventually these people will all make their way onto the no fly list and those that can hold their liquor without getting into a fight can have their wine back.

  4. My guess most of these incidents are due to alcohol. Stop allowing alcohol on airplanes. Surely a person can wait to drink until they have left the plane. If not, they have bigger problems. And unfortunately because of all the bad behavior, passengers will need to be breathalyzed. It is ashamed that would be needed but I don’t want to put up with these unruly passengers and maybe even dangerous ones at that.

  5. I think a lot of these unruly passengers are relatively new/inexperienced travelers who think they’re entitled to do as they please. And they have no idea what it means to be a good and considerate passenger. Alcohol may also play a big part in the unruly behavior. I’m heading for the islands in a few weeks and pray I won’t have to experience such imbeciles!

    1. I wish I knew the name of the dude on AA697, but I don’t. I can say I doubt he was naive though. First class, Seat 1D, 60-70 year old. Looked drunk, couldn’t stand at one point. I understand your comment and desire to be kind, but this guy knew better in a sober state…

  6. My husband and I were both on AA #697 from Kauai to Pheonix on Jan 22 and experienced the frustration first hand when one idiot can inconvenience an entire plane load of people. This flight had babies, children and many elderly folks who were just trying to get home after a wonderful time in Kauai. We were put through long lines waiting for instructions, reroutes, hotel reservations and ground transportation. I feel that the person responsible (not American Airlines who did as well as possible accommodating disappointed and confused passengers) should be responsible for the entire cost of the disruption. Money talks. I hope these people who do not know how to behave pay dearly. They should be banned forever from flying.

    1. I agree with you 100% a Lifetime flying ban would be appropriate and total reimbursement for passenger and airline expenses associated with the disruption.

  7. I am with those who say that alcohol should be banned on flights and in airports all together, there is really no reason to serve alcohol on-board a plane. Alcohol emboldens people to do some very scary things, throwing human waste on an airplane at passengers and crew is disgusting! Who would think to do such a thing. These people who behaviour causes a plane to return to the airport or have the Marshalls meet them at the gate upon arrival need to be fined, serve jail time and put on a no-flylist world wide for a very long time. There is no excuse for bad behaviour and until there are serious reprimands this behaviour will continue .Do something before there are catastrophic consequences!!
    One more reason not to fly to Hawaii…sad!!

  8. Here are my suggestions :
    1. Get a passenger screener at the gate check-in. If the Screener feels a passenger can cause trouble, get a Security Officer/Air-marshall on board for that flight. This will eliminate returns after the plane gets on-air.
    2. A passenger is allowed 1 misdemeanor on bad behavior. Get drunk ? If this same individual exhibits unruly behavior again, s/he will be banned on that airline or All airlines. The name will be distributed and shared.
    3. Penalty : Fines on 1st/2nd offense. Jail time at 3rd or thereafter. Let the FAA make that law. Offenders need to hire a lawyer to bail them out. It will stop these people immediately. Nobody wants to spend legal fees.
    Will save aggravations for other well-behaved fliers. Thanks.

    1. The fine should be x amount times the # of passenger’s on the flight and a min of 3 months jail time (depending on the severity of their in-flight action). Have it printed on each ticket or have each passenger check a box to acknowledge and accept this when purchasing a ticket online.
      If not, just zip tie them up and leave them locked in the bathroom until the plane lands.
      Why should passengers have to put up with these idiots who are disrupting, possibly endangering, and burdening our lives.

  9. My husband and I think that you need to get an ejection area (maybe in the bathroom) where you can eject people that cause enough trouble to have to turn around. When will we stop accepting this behavior? What’s the use of having air marshals?


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