Now Two Disruptive Hawaii Flights: Same Day/Same Airline

Now Two Disruptive Hawaii Flights: Same Day/Same Airline

One airline had two flights with the same issue on Friday as unruly passenger behavior on Hawaii flights is soaring. What’s concerning about incidents like this one that resulted in a 19-hour delay.

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96 thoughts on “Now Two Disruptive Hawaii Flights: Same Day/Same Airline”

  1. The gate agent at Lihue violated FAR 135.121 (c)… “No certificate holder may allow any person to board any of its aircraft if that person appears to be intoxicated.” The rules are in place to prevent disruptions like this. The airline needs to be to be reprimanded for the violation, and the gate agent needs additional training or be fired.

  2. Anyone else on this Lihue to Phoenix flight? We’ve had a terrible experience in dealing with the Airlines to figure out reimbursement for the flight we had to book to get home- our best option provided was 2 days later.

  3. I don’t understand why inebriated passengers can’t just pass out. I get it, it’s a long rugged flight to anywhere from the islands. Don’t you just want to sleep it off? What I always used to do. Show up buzzing, sleep the flight off. Why make things difficult, damn.

  4. Should not allow drunk passengers on the plane. With that being said the airline also continue to sell alcohol on flights which just leads to more problems. If you can’t fly without drinking don’t fly. If you want less problems quit selling alcohol.

    1. See my previous post. The same law prohibits selling alcohol to individuals who appear intoxicated. There are laws for a reason.

  5. Where are the Sky Marshals? Don’t we use or have them on long haul flights anymore. I don’t understand this. I think if airlines are not using them they better start rethinking their policies and safety standards. Thank you.

      1. Obviously the Federal Sky Marshals are there for a reason other than controlling drunks. In the long-ago past the railroads had their own police force that was primarily aimed at trespassers and hoboes. Why don’t the airlines jointly create a police force where they station one or more officers on each plane with the responsibility for passenger control. Don’t even need to be armed and it would leave the marshal’s free to deal with terrorists. Plus, make significant enhancements to punishment including reimbursement to to the airlines for losses incurred. A diverted flight costs crew time and fuel.

  6. I am a retired American citizen from the mainland and live on Oahu. I live in Ewa Beach and was planning on taking a trip to the Big Island and another to the mainland in a few months. I’m canceling any plans I had been making to fly anywhere any airlines fly. I don’t have to fly anywhere and will never fly again until this all stops, period. Thanks.

  7. The only problem with “deterrents” is that many of these incidents are drug/alcohol/mental illness-related so a “deterrent” is not really something an irrational person cares about.

    1st offense: fine (+ actual costs to airline and passengers- paid to airline/passengers), possible jail time, and “1-5 years” on the no-fly list.

    2nd offense: mandatory jail time and lifetime no-fly list.

    Of course, airlines should be free to maintain their own no-fly lists, as well.

    If you live in Hawaii, being on the no-fly list should be a pretty serious deterrent.

  8. I, like all of you are getting sick and tired of this. When are the airlines going to ban together to produce a “Due not Fly list”. As it stands now a passenger canned be banned from one airline, but can fly on another carriers and act up again. The airlines seem to be more worried about profits than passenger/ crew safety. If a person knows they can be banned forever from flying, there might be less of these people acting out

  9. They should change the rule that overseas fights need to reach the overseas midpoint before they are not turned back to the mainland. The rule should be that once they pass the one quarter point overseas, they will continue to their destination or the nearest land destination towards where they are headed. Making an 8 hour flight into a 19 hour flight doesn’t make sense for passengers or crew, unless it is an extreme emergency, but not a disruptive passenger.

  10. Install numerous micro cameras around the jet seating areas and give flight attendants micro body cams. Let all passengers know they are being video recorded during the initial safety-check. It will be money well spent.

  11. this should be noted at gate with passenger forfeiting ticket and non refund money of the ticket.
    absolutely uncalled for.

  12. I have never run into any problems on my flights-Hawaii or otherwise. According to the reports I’ve heard I have been very fortunate. I don’t drink so I wouldn’t be a problem there. Alcohol and drugs can cause a person to act like an idiot. I can’t imagine myself behaving disruptive on an airplane or anywhere else for that matter. The airline employees have a job to do and I want to make it as easy as possible for them. I have learned more about airplane etiquette and I intend to improve even more. I have one more trip planned which will require flight and I hope it goes smoothly.

  13. Yes, there need to be programs to assess and protocols implemented to manage and prevent these incidents from ever happening. Airlines need to be more proactive either directly by the crew or by onboard Air Marshals.
    Secondly, prosecution and penalty must be severe enough on both the unruly passenger as well as the airline (for allowing this to occur again& again).
    And lastly, is there data of the cost that is inflicted on the innocent passengers in both financial and emotional distress? I’m sure as in many instances, there are some costs that can never be compensated or made right ever.

  14. The consequences for air travel distributions safe to light and court cases are not public enough. They should give harsher sentences as well as make the court proceedings more public. This way people are aware of the consequences. As it stands now it seems like nothing happens to people who act up on flights.

  15. I see this as part of a growing trend of too much tolerance of bad behavior. Whether it is on social media or elsewhere, we have become too tolerant. Disruptive passengers are not just inconvenient, they are a threat to safety. Disruptive behavior on an airplane or other mode of transportation should ne criminalized. Airlines should adopt and enforce policies that clearly state: disruptive passengers will not be allowed to board and disruptive behavior on board will result in arrest upon landing. We need to make examples of these people. No jerks allowed.

    1. Zero Tolerance. If you can’t behave like a civilized adult on a plane you have zero business flying. If they fined these jerks and put them on a no fly list for five years that should teach them to not act a fool. There needs to be consequences and deterrents to acting like a fool on a plane.

  16. “We now have reports that a guest on board was throwing human waste at passengers and crew members.” I really hope this individual was arrested and charged with a felony for each person that his human waste hit. That is absolutely disgusting and criminal to say the least. I hope the crew onboard and fellow passengers were able and allowed to handcuff this beast. There is no excuse for that kind of behavior. I don’t care if they were drunk or high on some sort of drugs. There needs to be strict and lengthy consequences for any sort of act that causes an aircraft to divert and land because of one passenger. They should also be charged restitution for any economic hardship that it causes other passengers. Maybe this would help.

  17. I was on the Kauai to Phoenix flight. Although I agree flight attendants do not need this type of abuse this diversion was absolute chaos and not at all organized. Hours in lines, 2 cabs to take hundreds of people to hotels, we finally called in the 1 and only Uber drive to get us to the hotel. This unruly passenger was out of line and should be held accountable! But the extra expenses and huge inconvenience of taking two days to get to Phoenix aren’t even in the numbers.


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