Now Two Disruptive Hawaii Flights: Same Day/Same Airline

Now Two Disruptive Hawaii Flights: Same Day/Same Airline

One airline had two flights with the same issue on Friday as unruly passenger behavior on Hawaii flights is soaring. What’s concerning about incidents like this one that resulted in a 19-hour delay.

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96 thoughts on “Now Two Disruptive Hawaii Flights: Same Day/Same Airline”

  1. In 1980 I got my private pilot’s license. I owned a small Piper Cherokee that I took great pride in owning. I would take friends flying but they all understood that when the wheels leave the ground I’m in charge. I have the final word. Being distracted as a pilot can cause serious problems. So when you are aboard my airplane you will listen and do what I tell you. That was the agreement you made onboard my plane.

    Unruly passengers in large airliners can cause distraction that might effect the safety of everyone onboard. My suggestion is that the person that is causing the problem should be physically restrained. Duct taping a passenger to a seat, while being embarrassing, isn’t dangerous or harmful.

    You can take for granted that there is a flight marshall on the plane. It’s unlikely that they will reveal themselves for something like a petulant passenger.

    Duct tape is inexpensive. Easy to conceal. Plenty strong to keep most people firmly in place and easy to clean up afterwards. If you’re a hairy person it can be very painful to rip out lots of hair on arms and legs.

    Unfortunately there are no jail cells on airliners so you must improvise. Just knowing that being taped to a seat if you decide to make a pest of yourself could be an effective deterrent. Some people nothing will detour them. For those folks I’d recommend Gorilla Tape. Act like an animal, be treated like an animal.

  2. There needs to be mandatory jail time for individuals who cause unruly passenger diversions. Additionally, they should be held liable for all of the costs incurred for diverting the flight, instead of a fine of a few thousand dollars. The frequency of these occurrences and lack of consequences almost encourages selfish people to continue this kind of disrespectful behavior. If a few people go to prison with a $750,000 fine, it might discourage others from continuing the practice.

  3. I was on this flight. Too make things worse, after getting off plane, told could not leave until check with a gate agent. This process took close to two hours. With my home on Kauai and now 3:00 AM, I just wanted to go home. AA would not help with the Hawaiian flight back, even though saved them hotel, cab, and food. Very disappointing. They did have a successful do over that night.

  4. Except in emergency circumstances, if unruly passenger is restrained, flight should continue so other passengers stay on schedule. Unruly passenger should be taken into custody on arrival or returned to airport of origin. This will also be more affordable for the airline.

    1. This recommendation makes sense. An unruly passenger who requires restraint is sent back to the point of departure where they are then arrested. Loss of the vacation or return home for work might have sufficient financial repercussions to wake them up. Not the way to bet, but maybe.


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