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Packing For Hawaii: Bring Food On-Board

Yesterday, United’s Continental Airlines joined forces with most other carriers in eliminating complimentary food service between the U.S. Mainland and Hawaii. That even includes the 10+ hour non-stop flight between Newark and Honolulu.

The only airline that I know with a free dish or snack on board is Hawaiian Airlines. I also have unconfirmed reports that Delta offers complimentary food.

If you’re like me, you’ll be packing your own carry-on food. But for those who don’t want the hassle, I have links to each airline and their menu choices available for sale.

What’s your plan of attack? Buy on board or bring your own food?

Alaska Airlines

  • Meals for purchase. Specially themed meals for Hawaii flights.

American Airlines

  • Meals for purchase. Specially themed meals for Hawaii flights.

Continental Airlines

Delta Airlines

  • Meals for purchase. Complimentary meals on “select flights to Hawaii.” Having not personally flown on Delta recently, any input from readers would be appreciated.

Hawaiian Airlines

  • Complimentary meal, which can be pasta or a manufactured sandwich
  • Meals for purchase ($10+)

United Airlines

US Airways

7 thoughts on “Packing For Hawaii: Bring Food On-Board”

  1. Ever since 9/11 I’ve been bringing food onboard with me. I always bring onboard a can of Macadamia and cashews, and other snacks…and I always have a small package of cookies to shut the kid who invariably will sit behind me or in front of me or across the aisle from it! As for more substantial food, I always pickup something at the airport food court…cold-cut subs are perfect for travel!
    I flew last week on United from Virginia to Colorado and while we were onboard a full Boeing 757, the flight attendant said that they had 3 different lunch boxes available and only 11 of each…What? They only had 33 lunches for 200 passengers? Yeah.. right…good thing I had my Italian coldcut sub to eat!

  2. We were fed a hot meal last July on Delta from Detroit to Honolulu, in economy no less. We laughed that we were surprised the flight attendants still knew how to serve them. With Delta, it depends on time of day and length of flight.

  3. Most of the airline food is crap anyway. We usually pack our little snack pak with tasty snacks. And I have my cloth napkins just to give it a little more air of festivity since air travel is such a pain anymore. I might be flying economy but my snacks are first class! and a glass of cold water in my beautiful plastic glass, life is good despite being a sardine.

  4. We always take our own food, since often even if there is a meal or snack included it is not suitable for my husband the diabetic. The snacks and meals for sale have all be unsuitable so far.

    If there are no leftovers in the fridge that will serve, I get a bag of pre-cleaned carrots at the store, a piece of soft cheese and some crackers. I have to say that every time my husband pooh-poohs my preparations, but he is always glad once we get buckled up.

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