Polihale Beach Kauai closed until further notice

Polihale Beach Kauai Closed Until Further Notice

The State of Hawaii announced that the longest beach on Kauai, and one of the most beautiful award-winning beaches in the entire state, has been closed. Visitors and residents should take notice that there is no access at this time. Polihale Beach has been long-troubled and was closed previously in 2020 related to illegal camping and other problems.

On a more positive note, Polihale received international acclaim when Travel and Leisure rated it the “world’s best-secluded beach.” It is a spectacular seven miles long and features 100-foot-tall dunes.

Polihale facilities were improved several years ago with cell phone service, new restrooms, and other facilities and shelters for day and overnight camping.

Why is Polihale Beach closed?

The DLNR website says only that it is closed until further notice. We have been told there is no power or water at the beach. Others have mentioned the torrential rain earlier this week, which would likely have made the road nearly impassable. We are awaiting further word regarding the reason for the closure.

Last month, the state reported receiving input from 1.3k people identifying potential Polihale improvements and access and management policies for the state park.

Is a visitor admission charge upcoming?

We also suspect that access to Polihale is about to have an admission charge for visitors, as has been the case with other state parks like Haena State Park on North Shore Kauai.  Should that happen, we also envision the road needing to change. BOH editor Rob said a paved road would lose some of the beach’s allure. It would also increase traffic, although that could be mitigated by severely limiting paid visitor access. The current dirt road is a bumpy 5-mile ride that takes 20 minutes or longer to navigate, depending on conditions.

World’s Best Secluded Beach.

Polihale State Park is on many visitors’ bucket lists for Kauai, and for a good reason. It is found at the island’s western end and hugs the beautiful Na Pali Coast foothills. It is a gorgeous location for Kauai sunsets and perfect for getting away from everything. Until cell phone service started, it was also known as a place to disconnect.

Verdant cliffs frame the westernmost public beach on Kauai, accessible only via old farm roads. — Travel + Leisure

Road to Polihale.

One never forgets the rough, pothole-laden dirt sugarcane road that is an arduous five miles long after your turn off the highway. 4wd is not required, but it can certainly be helpful.

Car rentals may or may not be permitted, depending on your contract. Of course, even if it is, you can expect a filthy car when you return. Be sure to go to a car wash before returning the rental car, or you may be subject to additional cleaning charges.

Polihale Beach Kauai Map and Directions.

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47 thoughts on “Polihale Beach Kauai Closed Until Further Notice”

  1. My Very Very first beach I sat foot on was Polihale! That was waaaay back many moons ago. It (was) my goal to visit this beach one last time in 2024. I do hope it reopens, andif they could only fix that horrible road in, would gladly pay. There were only 2 people on the beach back then, and am sure it has been over trampeled these days. It is a beautiful place.

  2. We discovered this beach 3 years ago when we visited Kauai and we loved it! I am so sad to see that this beach has been shut down. Hopefully it’s just for repairs and I really hope that they do not improve the road as it is definitely what keeps the beach secluded and beautiful. Fewer visitors also means less damage to the infrastructure and the biological life in the area.


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