Quick Way To Identify Your Luggage

When you arrive in Hawaii, or any destination for that matter, you don’t want to get stuck trying to find your luggage when many bags look alike.  Plus, similar looking bags have a higher chance of being taken by mistake.

To make my luggage stand out, I’ve been custom labeling it for years.  Above is an example of what I do.  I use colorful cloth tape, available at the hardware store, together with a marking pen.

For a buck or two, you can also make an unlimited number of labels. This can be handy since it works best if you have labels on all sides of your bags.

Almost all of my labels have stayed on, in near-perfect condition, for tens of thousands of miles.

As an alternative, I recently saw an ad for Zippy Tags, permanent iron-on luggage tags.  For $7.95 (small) or 9.95 (large), plus $2.00 shipping, you can get two permanent, colorful tags.  If you want a quality off-the-shelf product ready to use, then these may be just right for you.

For a small amount of money, either option will make it easier to find your bags and get started on your Hawaii vacation.

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  1. The wife and I find that tying a piece of brightly colored wrapping ribbon to the handle of our suitcases works well. It’s easy to spot and it does not get in the way.

    In addition to regular suitcases, we also have a couple aloha print bags that are fairly distinctive in their own right. They help us have an aloha feel wherever we go.

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