The Best Hawaii Souvenirs Start Here

The Best Hawaii Souvenirs Start Here

With less luggage being the obvious way to go, finding those perfect and right-sized Hawaii souvenirs for you and gifts for your loved ones is a must. There are many products made in Hawaii that you still cannot get on the mainland as well as things made elsewhere that have the look and feel of Hawaii. Twenty-five ideas are below to help get you started. And even those aren’t comprehensive. Did you ever think of bringing a fresh flower lei from Hawaii back to the mainland? And don’t forget exotic Hawaiian quilts and Hawaiian shirts. For the delightful treat of tropical fruits, remember that Pineapple is the only one that can be brought back to the mainland (papaya too if fumigated). 

If you have found what you consider to be the best Hawaiian souvenirs to bring home that can pack easily and not add much weight to luggage, be sure to post them below. We love updating with your ideas.

Enjoy while we’re awaiting the next round of airfare sales to get you here on the cheap, from Hawaii’s trifecta, Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

The Best Hawaii Souvenirs in 2022

1. Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes from USPS are economical and come in handy should you run out of space. You can send from any local post offices. Another suggestion is to pack a collapsible nylon duffle for the trip home.

2. Longs, Costco, Wal-Mart, ABC Store and Macys usually offer a large selection of local products and gifts at reasonable prices. We like Honolulu cookie company gift tins.

3. Craft Fairs and Farmers Markets make great stops on all the islands and help support local Hawaii artisans. We’re blessed with a plethora of artists who create everything from Hawaiian honey to jewelry including necklaces and bracelets, pineapple or mango jams and jellies, and baked goods like cookies, to sculpture. One of our favorite farmers markets is the large Saturday market at Oahu’s Kapiolani Community College not far from Waikiki.

4. T-Shirts make great gifts. We’ve also purchased Crazy Shirts for years and they last virtually forever. Tip: You’ll often find deeply discounted seconds at the Ward Center Crazy Shirt store.

5. Hawaiian Music CD’s and MP3’s are light and can help you dream of Hawaii during a cold winter. Great gifts too even if you forget to purchase them when you’re in Hawaii. Some people even bring home ukuleles from the Hawaiian islands.

6. Buy Hawaii clothes that you can enjoy both here on your trip as well as when you get home. Examples include slippers (flip-flops), aloha shirts, pareos, bathing attire and more.  They’ll be all the more meaningful at home and can help bring your Hawaii vacation back to life. Check the label, as some are made here in Hawaii.

7. Postcards still exist, and can turn into nice stationery cards. Wal-Mart usually sells these for a quarter or less.

8. Coffee. Locally grown coffee is available on Kauai, Maui, Molokai and Oahu. Hint – check out Big Island Kau coffee as well as Kona coffee. Get ready for some unique coffee flavor.

9. Crack seed. This local favorite snack is also a Beat of Hawaii top pick. An endless supply of choices and places to acquire them including Walmart and Longs. We wrote about crack seed recently.

10. Hawaii calendars. Keep the islands in your heart or a friend’s all year long. Available for under a dollar at Long’s and Wal Mart.

11. Placemats and coasters. Grill local island fish and serve it on colorful Hawaii style designs.

12. Hawaii salt and seasonings. Add to your favorite foods at home, these include salt rubs with guava and other delights including Hawaiian sea salt.

13. Soaps from Hawaii. Found at local markets and specialty stores, the fragrances of coconut, plumeria and hibiscus will take you back to paradise and are some of the easiest and best souvenirs.

14. Heirloom Hawaiian jewelry with beautiful and enduring designs and pearls.

15. Hawaii luggage tags. If you’re a return visitor, this will get you thinking about your next Hawaii vacation.

16. Reusable shopping bags. Show up at your local grocery market at home with a colorful bag from the islands.

17. Hawaiian fabric. Great for making seat cushions or other uses at home.

18. Hawaii themed beach towels.

19. Hawaiian grown macadamia nuts. By the bag from Costco, plain or dipped in chocolate.

20. Hawaii beverages of all varieties. Koloa Rum for example.

21. Honey from Hawaii.

22. Consider turning a Hawaii key chain into a Christmas ornament.

23. Hawaii furnishings and dining accessories.

24. Hawaii art.

25. Hawaii wood products, maybe even a koa wood bowl.

Please comment below with your ideas and tips. What’s your favorite or unusual Hawaii souvenir suggestion?

Updated 2/24/22.

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  1. I would like to buy a small quantity of course natural green sand from the Papakōlea Beach. No one will answer me on the internet. Please help.

  2. Beautiful jeweled seahorse keychains from the Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm in Kona. A definite must do when visiting the Big Island!!

  3. We absolutely LOVE the ABC Stores when we visit and they can be found everywhere on the island of Oahu. They have so many souvenirs and we even find quick snacks and lunches there.

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