Remembering Father Felix of Kalaupapa

When we hiked to Kalaupapa in October, I never mentioned we were packed with fresh fruits from Kauai. We originally planned to bring them down in a large ice chest. One look at the steep and muddy trail changed our mind. I could just imagine sliding in the mud and making an impromptu fruit smoothie. We opted to carry the fruits in our backpacks and shopping bags for the steep three mile hike.

Why would Beat of Hawaii do this? Two words: Father Felix. His dear friend is our neighbor and had asked us to make the delivery.

The priest from Belgium has been a fixture in Hawaii for fifty years serving parishes on almost all the islands. For the past three years Father Felix has been at St. Francis of Assisi Church at Kalaupapa, following in the footsteps of St. Damien and ministering to Hansen’s Disease patients.

When I heard of Father Felix’s passing a few days ago, I was thankful for the opportunity we had to meet him last year.

At the end of our hike a cheerful Father Felix was waiting for us. We presented the gifts from our neighbor which made the trip without any damage. I was drawn to his energy and kind spirit and enjoyed and will never forget our meeting with him.

Many people in Hawaii and throughout the world are remembering Father Felix Vandebroek today. We join them and celebrate his life.


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5 thoughts on “Remembering Father Felix of Kalaupapa”

  1. Cathy and I knew Father Felix for over 20 years. We owned in Poipu and spent about 3 months a year there. He baptized our granddaughter Maria. He was more our parish priest than where we lived in Costa Mesa CA. We will never forget him.
    God rest you Father Felix an my we meet again.

  2. Lieve nonkel pater,
    Je gaf zoveel liefde ginder…maar ook hier aan je familie.
    vergeten zullen we je nooit.

    Dear uncle Father, you gave so much love over there … but here in your family. We will never forget you .

  3. May the eyes of the Lord watch over you,
    May the feet of the Lord walk beside you,
    And may the arms of the Lord encircle you in his everlasting love.

    Father Felix was known for this beautiful blessing at St. Raphael’s Church on Kauai, his home for 24 years. We were blessed to call him our friend.

    James and Lori Parsonson
    Koloa Kauai

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