Secret Hawaiian Airlines Black Friday Sale | Unadvertised Savings To 64%

Secret Hawaiian Airlines Black Friday Sale | Unadvertised Savings To 64%

Don’t let the sun set on today’s Hawaii deals! The Hawaiian Airlines prices below have dropped by as much as 64% compared with the last Hawaiian Airlines flash sale we shared. Below are all their prior sale prices on today’s secret Hawaiian Airlines Black Friday deals. We scoured online to find and confirm these deals, and the savings you’ll find varies from little to enormous, depending on the route.

Are these as cheap as Cyber Hawaii airfares will go this week?

That’s anyone’s guess. Ours is that there will be “some” better deals ahead. But, those will not be across the board, and some of the fares below could even go up instead of down during the week. So it comes down to a bird in hand vs. one in the bush.

Travel dates span from November to May, depending on the route, though blackout dates are in effect. Similar to last month’s widespread airfare reductions, where Hawaii flights also dropped, we will see another wave of enticing deals in the days ahead. Stay tuned for updates, especially as Alaska, Southwest and other carriers joins the fray.

Explore 50 available routes on this secret, unpublished sale with savings up to 64% compared with the prior Hawaiian Airlines Flash Sale. The initial price listed for each route corresponds to basic economy, while the second reflects regular economy. Keep an eye out for deals we find particularly noteworthy.

Before you finalize your bookings, consider checking out the article titled “Think Basic Economy To Hawaii Is For You? Maybe Not!” for additional insights.

  • Los Angeles to Maui $96
  • San Jose to Kona $104
  • Oakland to Kona $104
  • Ontario to Maui $96 (was $99)
  • Oakland to Maui $99 (was $100)
  • San Jose to Maui $99 (was $100)
  • San Diego to Kauai $104
  • San Jose to Kauai $109
  • Sacramento to Kauai $109
  • Oakland to Kauai $109
  • Portland to Kauai $108 (was $118)
  • Los Angeles to Honolulu $95 (was $118)
  • Oakland to Honolulu $104 (was $119)
  • San Diego to Maui $108 (was $119)
  • San Francisco to Honolulu $99 (was $119)
  • San Francisco to Maui $99 (was $119)
  • San Jose to Honolulu $119
  • Los Angeles to Kona $99 (was $120)
  • San Diego to Honolulu $108 (was $129)
  • Ontario to Kauai $130 (was $132)
  • Seattle to Maui $108 (was $139)
  • Seattle to Kauai $140
  • Seattle to Honolulu $128 (was $140)
  • Ontario to Honolulu $119 (was $153)
  • Sacramento to Maui $108 (was $154)
  • Portland to Maui $108 (was $159)
  • Portland to Kona $108 (was $169)
  • Los Angeles to Kauai 4126 (was $169)
  • Portland to Honolulu $108 (was $179)
  • Long Beach to Kauai $137 (was $183
  • Long Beach to Honolulu $125 (was $186)
  • Las Vegas to Maui $136 (was $186)
  • Sacramento to Honolulu $108 (was $186)
  • Austin to Kauai $145 (was $194)
  • Sacramento to Kona $104 (was $195)
  • Las Vegas to Kauai $175 (was $216)
  • Las Vegas to Honolulu $132 (was $226)
  • Austin to Honolulu $180 (was $229)
  • Seattle to Kona $113 (was $235)
  • Phoenix to Honolulu $124 ($241)
  • Phoenix to Kauai $140 (was $246)
  • New York to Maui $255
  • New York to Kauai $255
  • Boston to Kauai $255
  • New York to Kona $255 (was $337)
  • New York to Honolulu $260
  • Boston to Honolulu $269
  • Austin to Maui $143 (was $269)
  • Phoenix to Maui $99 (was $275 – savings of 64%)
  • Las Vegas to Kona $219 (was $307)

How to seize these deals:

Please be advised that the airfares provided here were accurate at the time of publication, and availability varies based on the route and dates. We recommend using Google Flight Search to identify suitable dates and then proceeding with direct booking via the Hawaiian Airlines website.

  • Take prompt action; airfare availability and pricing are subject to change up to five times daily.
  • Plan your travels between now and May, depending on the chosen route, while being mindful of possible holiday periods and other blackout dates. Some sale prices are only for winter dates, while others extend well into May 2024.
  • Commence your journey from either the mainland or Hawaii.
  • Prices quoted are one-way fares, inclusive of all taxes and fees.
  • Note that not all Hawaiian Airlines flights operate daily.

Key limitations associated with Hawaiian Airlines’ Basic Economy.

The prices indicated are for Hawaiian Airlines’ basic economy. Additional cost for regular economy varies by route and can add up to $60 each way.

In summary, “Main Cabin Basic” economy on Hawaiian Airlines offers an affordable option with specific seating and change limitations but includes complimentary in-flight amenities and mileage accrual for HawaiianMiles members.

  • No advance seat assignment.
  • No guarantee for seating together.
  • Last group to board.
  • Full-size carry-on bag and a personal item are included.
  • HawaiianMiles members will still earn one mile for each mile flown.
  • Complimentary services include no-cost meals, beverages, snacks, and in-flight entertainment.
  • No changes are allowed after the initial 24-hour period.

We’d love to hear if you discover a Hawaii deal that aligns with your preferences.

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4 thoughts on “Secret Hawaiian Airlines Black Friday Sale | Unadvertised Savings To 64%”

  1. Looking to travel to Kauai in June 2024. Do you think any deals, air or hotel, will be included in this round of sales? If not, when do summer deals typically come out? Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Kelli.

      If you mean mid-June (to early August), the answer is that it isn’t a time to expect to find any deals. They would only materialize in the final 90 days if airlines and hotels miscalculate demand in relation to inventory. And that isn’t likely. They are gurus at this.

      Other than that, if you want to travel the first 10 days of June, those will get discounted, although perhaps somewhat later, and not in this week’s sales.


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