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Southwest Hawaii Stiffens Competition: 11 New Daily Flights Exposed

Lastest news on Southwest schedules and fares. Some routes continue to have great deals for summer. Find out more in today’s post.

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1,796 thoughts on “Southwest Hawaii Stiffens Competition: 11 New Daily Flights Exposed”

  1. Will SW’s recent admission to FAS regulators that they have been overloading cargo compartments, maintenance problems on some planes, and planes taken out of service because of lack of mechanics, due to labor slow downs, impact the start of service to the islands?

    1. The problem with SWA”s issue overloading their aircraft is especially critical flying to Hawaii. 737’s are often at their max allowable
      weight with a full load and the fuel required to fly to Hawaii. In fact on days with a strong headwind they have to bump bags. It’s critical
      those numbers are accurate. I’d be shocked if the FAA signed off on their ETOPS certificate without closure of all the pending investigations.

  2. I am hoping to take my mom (85), twin boys (17), wife and I to Maui in late July. I have about 275,000 points at this time as well as a companion pass.

    Do you think that will be enough points to get us back and forth (MKE to OGG)? Next step is to try and get non-stops from MKE to the west coast. I am anxiously waiting for the tickets to become available on the web site and truly appreciate you keeping us up to date.

    Thank you in advance for your reply,

    1. Hi David.

      Stand by for that and more. We don’t have the answer to your questions yet. It won’t be much longer.


    2. Todays newspaper had an article that Southwest faces an FAA probe over measuring baggage weight.
      When flying a 737 to Hawaii accurate weights are critical since the smaller airplanes are very close to max weight on most flights and strong head winds often require bumping bags for fuel on 737 flights.
      Do you really think the FAA will sign off on ETOPS with this crucial point being investigated as well as the maintenance practices
      surrounding two catastrophic engine failures? I believe that inquiry is still ongoing?

    1. Hi! As far as I know SW staffed all Hawaii stations with current employees from the states. You can always go to SWA website and click on the careers tab at the very bottom left hand side. You can search open jobs there and I believe you can upload your resume there. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for keeping us updated on what’s happening with SWA flights to and from HI. BoH is my first stop for information; you have your finger on what’s happening sooner and more accurately than any other source. I will be watching to see when SWA starts flying from Phoenix to HI. Mahalo!

  4. I was sorry to see LAX was not included in SWA’s list of airports at the start of their venture to Hawaii. However, when I went online, flights to SAN, SFO and OAK were very reasonable– I think it’s feasible that the price will still be less than Hawaiian or any of the other legacy carriers. It’s going to be interesting to see how this affects flight prices in the near future. I usually go several times a year, and the prices seem very inflated compared to flying within the continental US for like distances. I realize ETOPS may require additional expense, however the prices still seem out of proportion.

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