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Southwest Hawaii Stiffens Competition: 11 New Daily Flights Exposed

Lastest news on Southwest schedules and fares. Some routes continue to have great deals for summer. Find out more in today’s post.

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1,796 thoughts on “Southwest Hawaii Stiffens Competition: 11 New Daily Flights Exposed”

    1. Still kind of wondering. Saw something to the effect that the proving flights were given the thumbs up from the FAA,
      not the final sign off. If the FAA still has an open investigation on how SWA does their weight and balance and handles baggage
      weight how could they possibly sign off on their ETOPS? Flying a 737 to Hawaii means you are often at the max allowable weight and sometimes have to bump bags due to headwinds. It’s a very critical item with 737’s. Especially an airline that markets “no baggage charges no matter how many bags you bring”. Just wondering if they have found a way to bring their weight and balance calculations up to par with their competitors?

  1. Has SWA addressed the issue of mobility impaired passengers boarding and exiting the aircrafts in Hawaii?

  2. You guys have done a nice job of covering this topic. However, I will suggest your timeline is off a bit… the earliest we are likely to see revenue service is April 1st. Pilot training awards just came out Feb 25th. Pilots will do ETOPS training in March… they’ll bid for April flying schedules in early March (to include Hawaii flying). March schedules are already set.

  3. Hello,
    What do you think about the Sun Country airlines’ service from HNL to US mainland? They seem to have the lowest price compared to other airlines.

    Thanks so much!

  4. Aloha! Do you think only the Hawaiʻi destinations initially served will see fare reductions? For instance, even though Kona is scheduled for later service, will that route see fare reductions from the start? Or later? Mahalo for your response!

    1. Hi Susan.

      It would seem that those not served initially will also not benefit, or not benefit as much, until they have their own service.


  5. That doesn’t seem like a good enough price for all the issues Southwest is having ! And they are having to many, to fly over a ocean;( I would rather fly Hawaiian . Not that much more $$ if you look

  6. First of all, mahalo for keeping us all up to date! Secondly, we are looking to fly from LA. When the fare sales start, it’ll just be from the four cities. Do you expect fare sales from the other cities (like LAX or Long Beach when those flights begin?

    1. Hi John.

      No one really knows when they will fly from LA. We have just heard that they will. Some think it will be sooner, others think later, and some think not at all.


  7. So..if I want to fly to Lihue in July, do I buy a ticket to HNL or OGG right away then try to add a connection later? or wait?? hard to know what to do

  8. Hi! Thanks for hosting this site! It’s a great source of information!

    I noticed we haven’t really seen any updates since the 14th though. Is it looking more and more like they will not be ready to fly for spring break? Please let us know!



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