The Beach At Sheraton Waikiki

sheraton-waikiki-beach3This photo might give you some idea that there is trouble brewing at the beach in front of the Sheraton Waikiki.

The problem is that there is no beach.  The small amount seen in the photo is only visible at very low tide.  At all other times, the waves lap up on the beach wall where I’m standing.

The hotel has been seeking since last summer to restore Gray’s beach by bringing in 15,000 cubic yards of sand, held together by three 160 foot long rock groins to be placed in the water.  The goal is to make a beach large enough to accommodate up to 500 people.

The $4 million plan is currently in environmental impact review, which is due out later this year.  If approved, the work would be completed in 2011, and would be the first such project since Ft. DeRussy had a similar restoration nearly 40 years ago.

If the work is successful, it may lead to other Waikiki beachfront hotels restoring their beaches as well.

The plan is being opposed, however, by surfers and others who claim that the groins will harm the environment and the popular surfing spot.  They are opposed to the hardened shoreline structures, and want to see a comprehensive master plan with community input, covering restoration of all of Waikiki’s beaches.  The state has expressed interest in restoring the entire Waikiki shoreline, and a 10-year plan is being drafted.

If you’re looking to find a wide and luxurious stretch of Waikiki beach, no worries, that’s still completely doable.  My suggestions include Ala Moana Beach Park and Ft. DeRussy.

Would the lack of beach keep you from staying at the Sheraton Waikiki?  Do you favor the hotel’s more immediate short-term plan or a comprehensive long-term plan as suggested by others?

3 thoughts on “The Beach At Sheraton Waikiki”

  1. Jeff,

    I really like waikiki beach. It’s really exciting and full of life. However, when my wife and I went to Maui two years ago we discovered Wailea Beach. Wow! So calm and beautiful. Not to crowded. Good swimming, perfect little waves for the kids, and nice soft sand. My wife also loved the facilities (public showers and bathrooms very clean). Is there a beach comparable to Wailea on Oahu? Small, good for kids, good facilities (a must) and with little chance of jellyfish or man-o-wars. Let me know please.


  2. Hello Jeff,

    I favor the comprehensive long term plan, for all of Waikiki and the entire island of Oahu. Not much sense is putting all the sand back without further study. The lack of sand & beach would keep me from staying at any hotel supposedly ‘on the beach’ with the higher rates that go with that.

    Thanks for your newsletter, I really enjoy it.


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