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86 thoughts on “Three Airlines Fast-Chopping Hawaii Routes In Shakeup”

  1. Southwest what the heck is going on??? We’ve flown from Long Beach to Maui and now that we live in Maui have gone Maui to LB with ease! Some flights full some this past late January not so much. LB is a dream for a traveler to get into & out of ! I know Many of my Huge extended family Loves this route – LAX is a 100% nightmare & is avoided at all costs by everyone I know!!! Please reconsider Southwest!!!

  2. You got to be kidding me! Just looked at flights today from Sacramento to Maui!! Main Cabin is $2500.00 ! Yes main cabin not first class! This is the only direct flight to Maui on Hawaiian Airlines!!!
    What a shock! Guess they need to make more money! Where has the Costumer Service gone ? This will sure not bring people to Maui.

  3. Looks like mostly Calf. Routes, Did Calf. Sneak in some surprise taxes? Maui still struggling from pandemic lots of travelers and airport is a mess, just arrived back. Is this also part of Maui asking visitors to scale back?

  4. I think Hawaii has to take the blame for much of this pull back. If a place will go into complete lock down for an extended period of time, it’s not a good business decision to run routes to these locations.

  5. I used to be very loyal to Hawaiian Air, but changing a flight (often needed due to business travel) is horribly difficult. I am so grateful Southwest has entered the interisland market. There app allows you to quickly change flights and apply the credit to the new flight immediately.

  6. Could this have something to do with much higher oil- and jet fuel prices? Hawaiian and Southwest must have been loosing boat loads of money with their $29 interisland fare war and the buck has to stop somewhere, I guess.

  7. OK. I have to say that this whole discussion reminds me of the Louis CK bit “Everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy!”. For goodness sakes! You are able to take a flight that costs peanuts (well, depending on when you go) to a tropical destination and get to your destination between 5 and 8 hours and we are all up in arms about the fact that we have to take a connection to get to our favorite island? Let’s all remember that unless you live in a hub city you typically have to take a connection to almost anywhere you go in the US when flying this far. Why should the Hawaii route be any different than just about any other city pairing in the US of equal distance??

    1. Bob,

      “…we are all up in arms about the fact that we have to take a connection to get to our favorite island?”

      Of course! A connection adds time 2 the flight. By the time you arrive, you lost a good part of a day. That’s if both flights are on time. One serious delay and you are going the next day – maybe.

      Luckily, I have many nonstop options with different SoCal airports.
      I’ve been to 5 islands – in the 1970’s. Since then, it’s Oahu, and one forgettable vacation in Maui. The problem with the low-population islands is they are all “slow” moving. Now, if you want that, Oahu has slow – it’s not all Waikiki and Honolulu. Half an hour from HNL to North Shore or Kailua and an hour to Turtle Bay. Give them a try. It’s Waikiki for me!

  8. If these are good routes, some will be taken up by others.
    What about United, American, and Delta? Surely, they will be looking at some of those routes.

    We are closer to LAX, but to avoid that zoo we were flying from San Diego to HNL. But for the last trip and the one in Sep we are taking the Ontario > HNL nonstop. The aircraft sucks, but Ontario is the closest airport to us. And, I won’t take a connecting flight, so it’s nearly perfect.

    Seems like there are some good nonstop routes now up for grabs.

  9. As tourist unfriendly as Hawaii became during the C-19 attack, it is no wonder airlines are pulling out. Tourists would rather stay in The United States and enjoy freedom in States such as Florida or Texas.

    1. I wonder if others appreciate the two levels of sarcasm. One, of corse, is comparing Texas or Florida to Hawaii. The second, naturally, using Texas and Florida in the same sentence as freedom.

      1. It appears that nature and natural beauty can only occur in one State out of Fifty for some odd reason, most realistic people know better than that. Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder as evidenced by the amount of Tourism across the mainland, people vacationing within a few hours of Home and enjoying where they are, and not paying exorbitant prices and a half day in the air. Many people know beautiful places that compare and beat Hawaii hands down, just a shame that politics need to be interjected in a manner typical of radical craze.

    2. John, Hawaii is the United States, and during Covid we were protecting the residents of these beautiful Islands like all the other 49 states were doing at the same time.

    3. It’s a “Possibility” that the airlines considered the unfriendly attitude and “Punishment” that Tourists are experiencing from the “Aloha” State, however, the “Probability” is at Best in the “Medium/Low Range. Airlines do perform Assessments of Risk on all of their routes, Hawaii must be seen as one that will be declining for at least several quarters to cut back this much. Hawaii is Ultimately to Blame along with the Hawaiian Residents that don’t know what “Aloha” Truly Means! Flights from “Other” Countries will be Flooding the Islands Soon to make up the Losses from fellow Citizens! The “Aloha” isn’t showing anymore, it’s Hiding in the lava tubes with the Ancient Chief’s of Hawaii, Their Hidden Burial Chamber’s.

  10. Longtime Alaska Oakland to Lihue flyer here. So sad they pulled the plug on Oakland. And now cant find a nonstop out of the Bay Area to Lihue. Flying out of Seattle is unacceptable. I dont get it. Flights were full and brought in a lot of revenue. What gives?


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