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When I wrote recently about Filterstream, it was to tell you about how it allowed hotels to show you only those TripAdvisor reviews that made them look good.  The problem is, that entirely subverted TripAdvisor’s integrity.

At the time, I checked with our contact at TripAdvisor, who said:  “We have no comment for now on the Filter Stream widget.”

On checking now, however, I find:

  1. The widget is unavailable
  2. All reference to TripAdvisor has been removed from the Filterstream site
  3. Filterstream’s YouTube video has been taken down

Therefore, I assume that the product was not in accordance with TripAdvisor’s wishes.  I’ll let you know if I learn anything more.

1 thought on “TripAdvisor Review Filter Dead”

  1. Tripadvisor is the most annoying site that I have yet to use. I cannot get my password from them to answer any of the so called real reviews of my restaurant. I have tried for 3 weeks and have tried to contact them-GOOD LUCK, amazing how unavailable that they are. We as business owners should be able to decide what we want posted, and this site is not one of them. They have admitted to fraudelent claims, so why am I not to believe that we are not subjected to it. Also, inappropriate content is on my site, but I cannot report this, because again I cannot get my password!!!! What happened to the rights of an owner?? You have none on this site!!!

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