Waikiki Hotel Goes From One Star To Hyatt

The now bottom-of -the-barrel Ocean Resort Hotel in Waikiki is being re-branded as a Hyatt Place. It’s a Hawaii spin on the Ugly Duckling fairy tale. Will this new version turn into a swan?

Waikiki Ocean Resort Hotel had a sordid history. Personal reports and abundant reviews make it clear why. Comments I read include things like:

  • Bed bug bites
  • Blood stained carpet
  • Simply disgusting
  • Beds as bad as I’ve ever experienced
  • Extremely rude and condescending staff
  • Leftover food and trash from previous guests

The reviews reminded me of the now thankfully demolished Laie Inn; a hotel stay the likes of which I am loathe to remember, let alone repeat.

A New Beginning: Two Tower, 425-room Hyatt Place Waikiki

Ocean Resort Hotel will be reconfigured under Hyatt brand standards.

The former Ocean Resort property will first undergo major renovations prior to the planned reopening. Something tells me there won’t be any historical mementos saved. As much distance from the previous property will likely be desired.

Ocean Resort changed hands last month when it became a joint venture of Chartres Lodging and Morgan Stanley. The Hyatt Place Waikiki will open this Fall. Work will be completed in two phases with the first tower opening in November and the second tower opening next April.

There are 160 Hyatt Place hotels now open in the U.S.

We wish them all the best in the renovation. This will be one huge job.


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1 thought on “Waikiki Hotel Goes From One Star To Hyatt”

  1. We rented a room on the 10th floor the end of Jan – 2011 – and found the staff pleasant and knowledgeable – and the closeness to the beaches and downtown area and the price of the rooms is why we rented here .. Our room had a microwave – coffe pot , toaster, small fridge and sink so we had breakfast every day and could also have a coffee or snack rather than going out to a restaurant. This saved us $$ as we only had to eat out once a day

    The rooms were comfortable for the price of approx. $89.00 plus taxes per night – The food is the cafeteria was flavorfull
    The pool area culd have been more inviting with trees – etc and a heated pool and hot tub would be a great idea for future development

    The only complaint we had was the rooms were old and worn –
    but they were basically as clean as they could be considering the age of the hotel – The ceilings need to be new and walls etc painted and new flooring will definately be a plus. — Unfortunately after all the renovations are done the room rates will probably go up substantially and we wll no longer aford to stay that close to the beach on our next trip.

    Thatns for our stay.

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