A Wrecking Ball Saved This Hotel

When TripAdvisor’s list of the dirtiest hotels in America came out last week, the Laie Inn on Oahu’s North Shore was missing. A wrecking ball saved it from the list and innocent guests will no longer have to endure its nightmare.

Laie Inn closed in October and is being demolished this week. This is good news for the 45 year old Mormon Church owned property adjacent to BYU-Hawaii and the Polynesian Cultural Center.

When I stayed there several years ago, it was Pro Bowl Weekend and this was the only hotel with a vacancy. That should have been the first warning flag but we were desperate.

Not only did the Laie Inn reek of fake reviews, it also remains the single worst hotel I’ve ever had the privilege to stay at. This is the hotel that first perked my interest in TripAdvisor reviews and the issue of review fraud.

I remember having paid $100/night and encountered the following issues:

  • Blood-stained sheets and towels.
  • Dangerous parking lot; so much so I was afraid to leave the room.
  • Worst bed and bedding ever (think I Love Lucy).
  • Broken plumbing and lighting fixtures.
  • Missing and broken windows, some boarded, some not.
  • Loose electric wires hanging outside room.
  • Unfathomable guest laundry (photo)
  • Pathetic continental breakfast.
  • Oblivious management.
  • Outrageous price.
  • False advertising.

All of the Laie Inn reviews on TripAdvisor have been removed, post wrecking ball. The Church is planning a new 200 room hotel in its place that may be branded a Marriott.

Did you ever stay at Laie Inn? If you have any memories to share please leave a comment.

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(Photo taken on a property walk during my stay at Laie Inn; dozer added for effect).

6 thoughts on “A Wrecking Ball Saved This Hotel”

  1. I stayed in that Hotel many times. I didn’t have any problems in the past. A 200 room Hotel will be build in that area. That means I have to pay more next time I arrive there.

  2. Hmm…interesting…a lousy hotel attached to a ridiculously wealthy Church….something tells me the problem’s not the hotel per se, but those who “sponsor” it!

  3. “The Church is planning a new 200 room hotel in its place that may be branded a Marriott.”

    Is that what those protest signs (along the lines of “Enough hotels already”) that I saw on my recent trip to the north shore are about?

  4. Slightly off topic, but I sincerely hope the Church hires local engineers, architects, contractors, etc. to build the new hotel. Those jobs are needed on Oahu.

    1. Good point James. I concur.

      Oliver, I’m not sure, I haven’t seen or heard about that. Perhaps someone else has.

      Thank you both.


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