Where Did The Jellyfish Go?

I’ve been in Honolulu all week, and distance swimming at my favorite Waikiki  spot, Ala Moana Beach Park.  Keeping in mind that the jellyfish were due to arrive this weekend, I planned my swims accordingly.

To my great surprise the jellyfish made alternate plans.

This is a reminder, to plan your water time at south facing Hawaiian beaches accordingly.  Box jellyfish “normally” arrive eight or nine days following each month’s full moon.  When I was last here in December, there were thousands of jellyfish on the shores and hundreds of stings reported (and many times that number unreported).

The stings are painful and best avoided.  If you should get stung, however, here is what to do:

  • Apply vinegar to the area.
  • Remove any visible tentacles with tweezers or by brushing them off using a towel or anything other than your hands.
  • Try using cold or hot packs to reduce pain.
  • Get medical help if you have a severe reaction. For some people, as with bee stings, there is a danger of anaphylactic shock.

Click on my tips on avoiding jellyfish.  I’m going back to the water right now.

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