Prince Harry Visitor At Pearl Harbor Yesterday

Why Prince Harry Visited Hawaii Yesterday

It isn’t just us regular folk who love Hawaii. Royals do too! So with Veterans Day just behind us yesterday, the rich and famous in Hawaii were augmented by an estranged royal’s visit from California. The Duke of Sussex was caught on Twitter attending the single most visited place in Hawaii, Pearl Harbor. He was dressed in regular attire.

He appeared to be in Hawaii without his wife Meghan and children. His website said, “On this Veterans Day and Remembrance Day, we honor servicemembers across the world.” At the memorial, he was seen solo, talking with other visitors.

Pearl Harbor

Royal follower and editor Rob reports that the rest of Britain’s Royal Family was assembled some 7,500 miles away to honor the Queen and war dead at The Cenotaph in London.

Harry is a military veteran who spent years in service, including in Afghanistan. He honored wounded and injured veterans and service members by organizing the Invictus Games.

Harry no longer appears in military attire since he stepped down from active participation in the Royal Family. And as such, he found a unique Hawaii way to celebrate Remembrance Day.

In prior years they’ve visited other places in the U.S. to honor the day, but to our knowledge, this was the first time they have been to Pearl Harbor.

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12 thoughts on “Why Prince Harry Visited Hawaii Yesterday”

  1. Do you have information on why it appeared in a photo that American sailors were saluting this man who holds absolutely no military office or government office in America and who called our Founding Documents bonkers?

  2. It’s nice to see Hawaii recognized on Veterans Day. Pearl Harbor is an excellent place to for Remembrance Day. Thank you Harry for showing up without your wife. She brings negative vibes with her and controls you.

  3. Harry acted like a spoiled child for decades and was stripped of all titles.
    He’s neither a Prince or a Duke.
    He’s a military veteran with peace time service.
    Glad he left his hateful spouse, back in California.
    Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth.
    Mahalo Beat of Hawaii for reporting in a completely fair way.
    Much Aloha to you and yours.
    Always 🌺🌺🌺🌺

    1. Harry served 2 tours in Afghanistan, which even though it may not have been “officially” called a war, was in fact one! The British, as our allies, supported our mission there. He served 10 years in the British Army, rising to the rank of Captain. He is indeed a Prince, the child of the current King of England, Charles III. I”m not a fan of him nor his wife But he is a veteran and he deserves to be respected and thanked for his service!

  4. Welcome to Hawaii Harry. The more publicity for Hawaii the better. I’m sure the British would love to visit Hawaii during the cold dreary winters.

    1. You’re absolutely correct Mike.
      He’s terminally estranged from the Royal Family, as he wanted and deserved.
      His wife is just strange and insolent.
      Leave her anywhere but here in Hawai’i.

  5. Your choice of “estranged” is odd. When I travel without my husband, I am not perceived as an estranged spouse. Also, traveling with toddlers is difficult, and if the trip is short, not worth the hassle of packing, etc., all the gear required. I think it’s a positive that the former royal paid tribute at the memorial. Perhaps in future years, he will travel to our national cemeteries or to similar sites in Canada on Veterans’ Day.

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