Police Security Cameras Take Your Photos in Honolulu

Police Security Cameras Take Your Photos in Honolulu

Smile, you’re on Candid Camera in Honolulu. I love taking photos in Waikiki. How about you? But when I just learned that my next photo may well be taken by a police security camera, I thought it might be time to break out my newest Tommy Bahama shirt.

Honolulu’s City Council is about to approve a plan for surveillance cameras that will number 200 in total. The plan will integrate 34 new cameras with security cams already located in Chinatown, downtown and in Waikiki, along with the city’s traffic cameras.


[pullquote]For one week in November, the eyes of the world will be on Hawaii. –Mike McCartney, HTA.[/pullquote]

The timing of the new cameras is to coordinate with the 2011 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders’ Meeting set to take place in Honolulu from November 7-13. This is an unprecedented opportunity for Hawaii to shine before a global audience. President Obama will be in attendance along with heads of 20 Pacific countries. It’s also a time to avoid problems at all cost.

Honolulu is America’s Third Best City

It’s recent ranking from Bloomberg/Businessweek gives the city a thumb up on environment, beaches, mountains, and clean air. They also made note of an economic resiliency and low unemployment.

This week’s Hawaii travel deals Jeff posted to Honolulu make it an ideal time to plan a Waikiki vacation. If you don’t like crowds, however, perhaps avoid APEC week.

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  1. John & June (3 years ago)

    “…a time to avoid problems at all cost.”.
    What a chilling thought.