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$50 Off Coupon on Hawaiian Airlines

If you didn’t check out today’s earlier Hawaii travel deals update, we featured great deals from both Los Angeles and the Bay Area to all of Hawaii from $131 each way, $262 round trip. To top that off, now you can save an additional $50 off any Hawaiian Air round trip from the mainland to Hawaii, or from Hawaii to the mainland. That reduces the round trip all inclusive fares to as low as $212! Details below:

Save $50 on Hawaiian Airlines

Airline: Hawaiian AirHawaiian Air $50 off

Details: You must be a HawaiianMiles member. Joining is free. Total savings based on a round trip purchase. Once you’re a member, log in and your certificate will be waiting for you. You can also save $100 on the purchase of a first class round trip.

Discount applies to round trip travel between Hilo, Honolulu, Kahului, Kona, or Lihue, and Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, or Seattle. Availability is limited and the offer could be withdrawn at any point.

Book by: December 25, 2012

Travel dates: January 7, 2013 through June 5, 2013

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11 thoughts on “$50 Off Coupon on Hawaiian Airlines”

  1. I had original reservations with Hawaiian Air to fly to kauai in january 2013 yet we’ve had to change those plans, and would like to travel in April. Hawaiian wants to charge us $300.00(!) to change plus an extra $500.00(!) of full fare difference eventhough they will be able to book our old seats (and make $$$) and then try to tell us that making a new reservation for April is not a new one at all, only a change, although it is essentially a new reservation because we would book to fill those seats like any other customer. This is thoroughly unreasonable, and what a way to treat customers who already subsidize them. It is ridiculous that they will not allow me to take advantage of their on-line sale prices in order to book again, making a simple ‘change’ cost the same amount as my original reservation, and unaffordable.

    I may not like change fees yet I accept paying that. What I don’t accept is forcibly making me pay full-fare eventhough i’ve already given them my business. Can you help me with this, please?!

    A Big and Grateful Mahalo!

  2. I’ve been following your site and getting e-mail updates in anticipation of my trip to Kona/Hawaii in May 2013. So far, it has seemed to be too early to book flights. In addition, the flights from LA leave me to book my own out of Buffalo to get there and link up. I am a neophyte flier. Any Advice that you can give to planning my flights out of Buffalo, NY would be accepted gratefully. Thanks.

    1. Hi Thomas.

      Yes it is a little early for the mid-April through early June low season deals. As for getting from Buffalo, the cheapest way might be to head to NYC since there are two non-stops (HA and UA). Those flights will probably stay in the under $500 range for Spring.


  3. So this seems like a good deal – HOWEVER – I found that when I try to book the same flight from Las Vegas to Hilo (leaving 3/28 and returning 4/6) with and without the coupon, the price WITHOUT the coupon is actually less. It seems they have increased the starting price when you use the coupon, so it really is NOT such a good deal and in fact you pay more this way – at least for this particular route and time. If I am missing something please let me know!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I tried the same thing, using your exact itinerary and got identical results to yours. I shot off an email to Hawaiian Air and will let you know what I hear.

      Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

    2. Hi Lisa,

      I am VERY sorry this didn’t work yesterday, the issue has now been resolved and you will be able to receive the $50 off coach or $100 off first class.

      Please feel free to reach out to me personally if you have any more issues with this offer. Email: [email protected]

      Thank you Beat of Hawaii for reaching out to us and making sure this issue was resolved!


  4. Hey Jeff,

    I did find some flights to OGG from some locations and I am going to assume also to HNL for the same pricing as was offered previously, making those destinations an amazing deal! We personally LOVE the big island, but with few sandy beaches within solid location, I’ve wanted to take my wife to the island I consider the Surfer’s island as from my memory it was surf shops every single place one looked…this would be the tons of lovely beaches, smaller but sweet island of Kauai. This island’s fares went up a bit, but as I mentioned, it’s still $12 cheaper w/coupon and that’s still a fantastic deal!

    Any way you splice it, I’m always happy when I see deals pop into my email box via you, and also the other interesting articles you post up about various topics.

    Keep up the solid work and thanks again for the promo this time along with all you have done to help people become better aware of some deals they may have missed, or just general info about other topics were it not for you.


  5. They jacked up the prices. No way to get the pricing from last week BUT, even with this jacked up pricing, you still save about $12 more than you could if you got in on the $131 one way. Cheapest now I believe is $150 each way that same route, so $300-$50-$250=$12 less than the published fares from previously, and only $125 one way which is darn good. I don’t like that HA Airlines jacked up the fares however. Maybe it was bad timing when I saw this deal and some of these $130ish prices were still around, but usually companies will do things like this by offering a promotion, but then raising prices.

    Great deal and I continue to follow your updates always and appreciate all you guys do!!!


    1. Hi Mike,

      I understand completely and concur as a fellow travel consumer.

      At the same time, it is all about marketing, no matter which airline. As we’ve said before the airlines are considered pretty sophisticated in that regard. Beyond that, many of the promotional prices we report on are so low that by themselves they do not even pay for the cost of fuel.

      Best Aloha.

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