Adopt-A-Pet from Hawaii Includes Flight

We have great news for you if you are a pet lover and a Hawaii visitor. With this program sponsored by the Kauai Humane Society, you’ll save 79% off the regular price of getting an adopted cat or dog home from Hawaii. And if you live near west coast airports, like Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, or Seattle, so much the better (other airports are available for an additional charge).

For an all-inclusive fee of $150, you can now adopt a pet and bring it back from Kauai with you. It’s a great deal when you see all that are included below.

The issue is that the Humane Society is at capacity and wants help to invite visitors to participate in off-island adoptions. Pet-friendly housing is extremely limited on Kauai, and your help is needed. In a program dubbed Mission Mainland Chapter 2, You can adopt up to 2 kittens or one dog.

Steps to Adopt a Pet from Kauai.

The program will place 125 dogs and cats. Click each link to see the pets available. When you find one, write to [email protected] or select “Apply for Adoption” under the dog or cat’s photo, and staff will reach out to you to arrange a time to meet in person or do a virtual introduction.

Each pet will have already been altered, microchipped, and vaccinated. Also provided are health certificates, a travel crate, and all travel expenses. You will simply pick your pet up at the airport.

If you cannot be part of the program but want to help with funding, many options are available on the Kauai Humane Society website. These include purchasing a crate, donating, sharing this on social media, or buying a T-shirt.

Here’s what’s included for you and your Hawaii pet.

Flight to one of the designated airports (the fee for other airports is $700)
A kennel that complies with airline specifications
Kennel Pick Up and Prep
Transportation to Airport
Flight Check-in
Rabies Vaccine
Health Certificate
Leash and Collar Set
Adoption Fee

Did you find a pet from Kauai to adopt?

We liked Halo, but we’re not sure Beat of Hawaii’s mascot mule “Muley” would approve of a dog. She likes being the star.

The Kauai Humane Society is located at 3-825 Kaumualii Hwy west of Lihue. Phone number: 808-632-0610.

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9 thoughts on “Adopt-A-Pet from Hawaii Includes Flight”

  1. The program is a great idea, unfortunately we tried to adopt a dog through it 2 days ago but after reaching out and getting a response from the Humane Society to setup our interview, they went ahead and adopted the dog to someone local instead. Needless to say our family was devastated.

  2. What a wonderful idea. We were tempted while on Kauai several weeks ago but felt our Mowgli, a 5-year-old Golden Retriever, wouldn’t understand. Aloha!

  3. I’ve never understood why this is such a great idea Hawaii offering incentives to mainlanders to take one of their animals when pet adoption and over population is an issue in just about every state?

    I have rescue animals adopted from our local SPCA, our local chapter is overflowing with adoptable animals, yet Hawaii wants to dump additional animals on us. This isn’t going to resolve Hawaii’s pet over population issue.

    Please visit your local SPCA before adopting one of these animals for a cheap plane ride.

    1. I think this is a great program. And why the down votes for people who support it? I live in a large county with almost 1,000,000 residents. Our county Humane Society has 22 adoptable dogs right now, all large and many with special needs. Many of these dogs are not a good fit for new dog owners, families with small children or the elderly. Kauai has under 70,000 residents? They have 52 dogs on their website right now. They are not “dumping” dogs, they are matching up dogs with families who care enough about the animal to deal with the major hassles associated with transport. I applaud this program and In my book, any adopted dog is a win, regardless of geographic location!

  4. What a wonderful idea! There are so many feral animals on the islands and they have limited resources. Thanks for the uplifting story

  5. We love Kauai Humane Society and have always taken advantage of their Field Trip Program. In December things were a little different as we had lost our own dog to cancer a couple of months before. Within just a few minutes of meeting Kai we knew we were in trouble. He was (and still is) just so happy to be outside with us and curious about the world that we fell in love. Two days after we landed back in the Bay Area we were back at OAK to pick him up. We paid the regular amount but the joy he brings us is priceless.

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