Unique Hawaiian Airlines Sale:

Don’t Miss Out: Hawaiian Airlines Drops Pre-Merger Fares to $81+

Note that this deal has concluded. It still provides an insight into those airfare sales you can expect again soon.

A range of Hawaii airfare sales this week seem to indicate that before the Alaska purchase of Hawaiian is consummated, and maybe even after, Hawaii visitors will find good airfares from competitive mainland gateways. But you’ll still need to act quickly.

This Hawaiian Airlines sale features a number of great deals, including fifteen routes priced under $100, including all taxes and fees. The catch is that it is Main Cabin Basic, which is Hawaiian’s version of basic economy. In that article you can read the pros and cons to decide if saving $40 or more each way will work for you. In addition, check the rules and applicable dates, as they are limited.

Why you should visit Hawaii this winter.

Visiting Hawaii during winter, which is when this sale is valid for, offers unique and wonder vacation experiences. Here are just a few of the reasons why you’ll want to consider a winter getaway to Hawaii.

Spectacular winter Hawaii weather. Hawaii has year-round mild temperatures, with winter being no exception. Average temperatures in winter are in the 60’s and 70’s, providing a surprisingly warm, comfortable climate for outdoor activities.

Humpback whale watching: You’ll be heading to the islands during the peak of whale watching season. You can spot these creatures on all of the islands, and they are something incredible to witness either from land or on a whale-watching tour.

Fewer crowds: Winter also means fewer tourists and a more Hawaii-like atmosphere. You can enjoy even the most popular attractions and restaurants with less competition and a more intimate experience.

Beautiful lush landscapes and rainbows: With winter comes rain, rainbows, and lush green landscapes, make the islands’ scenery even more spectacular.

Hawaii sunsets: In winter, you’ll find spectacular sunsets over the water. You’ll enjoy this unique and well-loved aspect of Hawaii wherever you travel in Hawaii this winter.

Fifteen Hawaiian Airlines routes under $100 this winter.

  • San Jose to Honolulu $81
  • Los Angeles to Honolulu $90
  • San Francisco to Honolulu $90
  • Los Angeles to Maui $91
  • San Francisco to Lihue $94
  • Oakland to Honolulu $94
  • Los Angeles to Kona $94
  • Oakland to Maui $94
  • Oakland to Kauai $94
  • San Francisco to Maui $94
  • San Jose to Maui $94
  • San Jose to Kona $95
  • San Diego to Honolulu $96
  • San Diego to Maui $96
  • San Jose to Kauai $99

Seventeen more Hawaiian Airlines routes for under $150 this winter.

  • Oakland to Kona $104
  • San Diego to Kauai $104
  • Sacramento to Kauai $109
  • Seattle to Honolulu $110
  • Seattle to Maui $111
  • Phoenix to Honolulu $124
  • Ontario to Honolulu $125
  • Phoenix to Kauai $126
  • Seattle to Kona $130
  • Phoenix to Maui $131
  • Portland to Kauai $133
  • Portland to Maui $133
  • Seattle to Kauai $140
  • Portland to Honolulu $141
  • Austin to Kauai $145
  • Los Angeles to Kauai $146
  • Long Beach to Honolulu $149

Details of this Hawaiian Airlines airfare sale.

  • We highly suggest starting your flight search using Google Flights instead of the Hawaiian Airlines website. Flights provides a far better tool for checking dates and route, quickly and easily. Once you find your desired flights, you can go to Hawaiian Air directly or via the link on Google Flights.
  • Travel dates vary from January until March 2024, depending on route.
  • Not all flights operate daily.
  • Fares may become unavailable and are not available for all or even most dates.
  • Fares include all taxes and fees, and are non-refundable, non-transferrable, non-endorsable, non-upgradable and non-changeable.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Out: Hawaiian Airlines Drops Pre-Merger Fares to $81+”

  1. What happened to the route between pagopago and Honolulu you should drop $200 it’s still a US Territory

    Plus additional flights is needed during holidays instead of just two please reconsider

  2. We did the nonstop Boston to Oahu in Nov and Dec, 2023. Many seat buttons/arm rests were taped together, other people’s seats wouldn’t recline and it took the flight attendant two hands and all her might to cram my tray back into the tray holder. There were lots of rattling and creaking noises as the plane was flying. We both fly a lot and it was the worst sounding plane we’ve been on. I hope this plane was being taken out of commission once Alaska airline purchase goes through!

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