Read the details as relates to Hawaii, then get ready to consider implementing changes to your airline behavior including bringing your own water.

Airline Drinking Water Safety on Hawaii Flights

What are your personal airline drinking water, beverage, and ice practices on flights to Hawaii and elsewhere?

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22 thoughts on “Airline Drinking Water Safety on Hawaii Flights”

  1. We typically fly United and Jet Blue, they serve bottled water and have Never seen water served any other way. Coffee and Tea is a different story and most likely does come from the potable on board system, So Far I haven’t had any problems associated with drinking coffee but now I will probably avoid it in the future. Thank You BOH for the information, very interesting.

  2. “Travelers should consume 8 ounces of water per hour.” I fly fairly often and find that amount of consumption to be overkill. From west coast cities that is over 40 ounces per per person. We fly pretty regularly from LAX or LGB to the islands. A 24 ounce bottle is quite sufficient. I have never felt I was not getting enough hydration on four and a half ounces per hour. Added to that is any drink service on the plane.

  3. I would like to see the total violations with the total number of flights flown to get a better perspective. American always serves you water from a large bottle except for the times during Covid when they handed you a bag with a mini bottle of water, cookie, and a sanitized wet wipe.

  4. If you’re near a Starbucks have them give you a large (Venti) cup of water. They have the best water filtration with reverse osmosis equipment. It’s free too.

  5. I flew United last week and for the first time I’ve ever seen, they had sealed individual water bottles for everyone in all cabins. I always travel with a Life Straw Bottle or the equivalent and filter my water where ever I go.


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