25 thoughts on “Historic Ala Moana Beach Park at Waikiki To Be Restored”

  1. The large cement, round structure is currently showing on google google.com/maps/@21.2908353,-157.8559488,52m/data=!3m1!1e3

  2. Please if you can help, what is this round circular giant cement bowl large enough to stand in, on the far west end of Ala Moana Beach called Beach Side Hot Tup?


    1. Hi Susan.

      We have never seen that and aren’t sure it even exists. If someone else knows, maybe they can help.


  3. Can’t tell you how many times we had family BBQ/potlucks for Birthday parties (in the summertime) at Ala Moana. It was a favorite family gathering place to spend as a kid. We’d have over 20 relatives every time. Frisbee, touch football, and shave ice, from our grandmother’s old hand crank machine, which we would all have to take turns cranking, were always part of the days events between the swimming and eating…good times, and great family memories.

    It’s a good departure from all the political diatribe. Thanks guys!

  4. Aloha, enjoy Ala Moana Park whenever in Honolulu since we stay at the Ala Moana hotel. We always take a walk around the park and always stop at magic island. – so beautiful. Great to know the history. Mahalo

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