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New Alaska Airlines Hawaii Routes Added | But Why Now?

As of this December, new Alaska Airlines Hawaii routes are being added. Starting December 17, Alaska will fly between Los Angeles and Kona three times weekly. And, starting December 18, Alaska will fly between Los Angeles and Kauai four times weekly.

This appears to be in stark contrast with most airlines preparing to slash virtually everything in sight. For example, Hawaii late-comer Southwest Airlines announced it will accept applications for 4,400 early retirement packages and is also evaluating 12,500 applications for extended leave. In total, nearly 30% of employees have signed up.

A spokesperson for Alaska Airlines said this about the timing, “LAX is one of Alaska’s important hub markets and continues to offer valuable opportunities for selective expansion… Second, is building on our decades of successful service to leisure destinations from LAX, from which we have a long history of serving Mexico, Hawaii and Florida… We saw a number of opportunities to diversify our network to fly to places we think will play to our strengths as an airline. — Brett Catlin, Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines is joining OneWorld Alliance later this year.

This route expansion is at least in part associated with providing more seamless service towards that partnership. OneWorld includes 13 international airlines, most notably Qantas and British. Alaska will now be able to offer more direct Hawaii connections to OneWorld customers with nonstop service from Los Angeles to four Hawaiian Islands.

Good news as Alaska joins a very crowded field flying from LAX

Competing on nonstop flights to Hawaii from Los Angeles is a huge group of airlines. It includes American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and United Airlines. That’s great for passenger options and the best news for keeping ticket costs down for the foreseeable future.

8 thoughts on “New Alaska Airlines Hawaii Routes Added | But Why Now?”

  1. Alaska Air is financially the strongest U.S. Airline. Hawaiin Airlines is one of the weakest USA airlines.
    Could it be that Alaska is seeing an opening ?
    Hopefully the Hawaiin government won’t cave in and offer grants or loans that may never be paid back by Hawaiin Airlines… it is not our “STATE” airline and should not be considered as such.
    May the best airlines survive… I think its called capitalism and rewards exceptionalism

    1. The best is what you want when flying. A plane that is in top condition and a crew to match. Unfortunately that is not always the case. That is why we choose to fly Alaska airlines. In fact we have booked 11 reservations for April 12th to Kauai,Hawaii. Aloha

      1. This is not ment to advertise any particular airlines. Just stating the facts. Harriete

  2. I am really disappointed that Hawaii hasn’t opened nor has a testing plan in place. I find it interesting that air crews who travel in and out of Hawaii have no quarantine requirements which means they can easily bring in the virus( I have a friend who was recently there as air crew, didn’t have a negative COVID test and didn’t have to quarantine) The military also has a modified quarantine that allows them out to go grocery shopping, again another way for the virus to spread. My thoughts are you want to protect your people then lock it down…absolutely nothing comes in or out…no food, no supplies etc. Makes no sense at all!

    1. My thoughts are you want to protect your people then lock it down…absolutely nothing comes in or out…no food, no supplies etc. Makes no sense at all!

      Such a stupid comment from Kim F

    2. Kim you are so correct, nothing about this pandemic makes any sense. Here in California schools will not be allowed to open in the fall and yet right now daycares are open in school buildings and summer camps are open in public facilities. If this truly is the supposed once in a century deadly virus, who in their right mind would allow children to spend all day in a crowded classroom? It very difficult for the average person to understand why mass protests are allowed and at the same time almost all small businesses are now closed again. Either there is a genuine public health risk or you are right none of this makes any sense.

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