Alaska/Southwest Just 3 Routes Total + AA/DL/UA Updates

More news today on who will be flying to Hawaii during quarantine and from where. Our first question is, “why so many flights are still being considered?” Hawaii is for the most part closed. Visitors will have to quarantine for 14 days (cannot leave hotel room or home), have meals delivered and find a place to stay. Many hotels are closing during the crisis and those still open may not have room service. Parks and attractions are not open and beaches have restrictions.

The in-flight agriculture form is now being used in a different way. Instead of it being collected on board, it stays with you. Now you actually meet someone on arrival, inform them where you are staying and get a date stamped on your form.

Some of you may need to fly to see family or for other essential travel. If that involves you, here are the latest updates on how you can fly to Hawaii. Otherwise, we imagine some of this may intended for necessary cargo operations.

Southwest Hawaii Flights. News finally today that starting April 5, the company will only offer one mainland route. Southwest will fly twice daily between Oakland and Honolulu. That, while restating their commitment to Hawaii, and continuing to provide twice daily inter-island flights for critical travel from Honolulu to Hilo, Kona, and Kauai. They will also fly three times daily from Honolulu to Maui. That schedule is “intended to be temporary and nimble,” so is subject to change. This is in effect through May 2, and the company is still evaluating changes beyond that date.

Southwest Hawaii flights have been a huge challenge for that company since the beginning. After nearly 10 years of planning, they have faced a government shutdown that prolonged getting their over water approval, followed by the Max nightmare, and now this.

**On the airlines below, we’re letting you in on the discussion, and letting you know what we are hearing.**

Alaska Airlines Hawaii flights. On that company’s changes to their Hawaii schedule, our sources are saying that they will fly only between Seattle and Honolulu and Los Angeles and Honolulu at this time. Stay tuned.

American Airlines. Still waiting for clarification on their website, but sources say there will only be service between Los Angeles and Honolulu/Maui at this time.

Delta. Pending update.

United Airlines. We are hearing San Francisco to Honolulu and perhaps Denver to Honolulu only.

3 thoughts on “Alaska/Southwest Just 3 Routes Total + AA/DL/UA Updates”

  1. Thanks to Southwest for their continued commitment to the State of Hawaii! It is without question that SW will operate at a loss for awhile here, but they understand what a blessing the company is to the residents of Hawaii, their customers, and employees! This is truly a company with a fun loving attitude, a warrior spirit, and a servants heart!

  2. I’m a medical device employee that travels to mainland weekly to install analyzers for the hospital. How do I get exempt from the quaratine?

    I fly out to Oakland from honolulu on a Monday and fly home Friday. Monday I fly back out for work and back on Friday . I do that weekly for my job and am part of essential workers to keep hospitals on track and working.

  3. I am in Kona now and have reservations 4/20 to SEA. Do you think I’ll have to fly KOA/LAX/SEA On my own as this will add cost to already non-stop 1st class on Alaska ?

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