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Allegiant Hawaii Cuts Flights in Highly Competitive Market

Allegiant Hawaii is once again making changes to its Hawaii air services in an attempt to keep the routes profitable. As we’ve noted previously, the airline is having a more challenging time than anticipated in filling its cheap Hawaii airfare seats on mostly Honolulu bound routes. The carrier announced today it is cutting its weekly flights from Santa Maria, CA until March 16 due to reduced demand.

Allegiant Hawaii challenges

The carrier, with its Hawaii package deals faces a range of issues in creating a stable market on its cheap flights to Hawaii. Allegiant admitted that its  “Hawaiian service has turned out to be more seasonal than the company anticipated and that it is adjusting its flight schedule accordingly.” You may recall we wrote Allegiant Hawaii scrubs route when the carrier cancelled its Monterey CA to Honolulu flights. The route never started due to lack of bookings.

We’ve recently had mixed comments from readers about Allegiant’s Hawaii service. The issues have ranged from delayed operations and lack of information to seats that don’t recline and fees above and beyond what is typical in the industry.

There will likely be more changes ahead until Allegiant can find its sweet spot in the Hawaii vacation market.

Hawaii Air competition

Hawaii vacation planners are fortunate in that we have extremely high competition between Hawaii’s two most prominent and aggressive carriers, Hawaiian Air and Alaska Air. Both carriers would typically be more expensive than Allegiant. However due to the increased competition, many of their flights from the west coast have been priced  competitively with those of Allegiant.

Hawaii Deals now available

The 16 route Hawaii airfare sale from Alaska Air is still in progress. We featured it recently and it ends tonight (1/17/13)

A mega 30-route Hawaii airfare sale from Hawaiian Air is also available which ends 1/21/13 and was featured yesterday.

Both Hawaiian and Alaska offer more free services within the cost of  the airfare than does Allegiant. These include advance seat reservations and overhead carry-on storage. Alaska also offers free beverages and a cocktail en route. Hawaiian has recently expanded its free meal offerings to include more choices with a Hawaii flare, a mid-flight snack, wine with lunch and dinner, and a signature cocktail.

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3 thoughts on “Allegiant Hawaii Cuts Flights in Highly Competitive Market”

  1. I figure that an Airline, like any other mode of public travel, is no more or less than that of a bus. they get you where you want to go. all the “free” stuff just adds to the overhead of the airline and you and I have to pay for all that. No frills airlines can operate for less. In allegiant’s case, they have newer Aircraft and are new to the Hawaiian scene. Here in Santa Maria, CA. they have cancelled february flights for lack of business. These are commercial ventures so you and I have to support what ever we can for the convenience of our situation. IE: it costs me 300+ dollars to go to LA from here, park the car and rent cars to go one way between LA and SM. Allegiant is 2 miles from my house and the airport offers free parking. I wish Allegiant would fly to Kauai from here while they are at it, maybe they will in the future. Meantime, they will find what works for them. and us.

  2. Allegiant is too complicated with all the a la carte choices. After you select all the necessary options, the cheap flight is no longer a deal compared to other airlines. For long haul/vacation flights they need to get away from the fake low price and just be competitive.

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