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Why Allegiant Hawaii Is Axing Most Routes

Today Allegiant Hawaii service was cut by another four cities. That makes 8 Hawaii air routes suspended in the past few months. They will now fly to Hawaii only from two cities, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Allegiant has maintained that there isn’t adequate year round demand for Hawaii service. That appears to be true for their customers while obviously not so for the industry in general. Therefore it remains possible that some of these services could be reinstated for the winter season.

The eight routes that are no longer operating include:

  • Bellingham/Honolulu & Maui
  • Boise
  • Eugene
  • Fresno
  • Phoenix
  • Spokane
  • Stockton

Who are Allegiant’s customers?

Allegiant customers are only a small subset of Hawaii visitors. Many of our visitors have indicated they prefer the full service airlines including Hawaii-centric Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines. Others are loyal customers of the legacy carriers, American, Delta, and United. Allegiant has also remained controversial in several regards, non-reclining seats and charging for carry-on bags and beverages in addition to the industry standard ancillary charges we expect (food, luggage and premium seating). Hawaiian remains the only carrier that provides complementary meals and wine to and from Hawaii. Allegiant also has had its share of newsworthy issues such as long flight delays and even cancellations.

Allegiant decides competition is okay after all.

Surprisingly, the only Allegiant Hawaii routes remaining at this time are those that face direct competition. That in spite of the fact that Allegiant’s business model has always been to fly between cities that do not have competition. They have also preferred flying from secondary cities to tourist destinations and Las vegas and Los Angeles are considered primary rather than secondary cities. Las Vegas is currently served by Hawaiian Airlines, while Los Angeles to Hawaii competitors include American, Delta, Hawaiian and United. 

Please let us know your thoughts about Allegiant Hawaii.

5 thoughts on “Why Allegiant Hawaii Is Axing Most Routes”

  1. I never even consider booking with “no-name” airlines like Allegiant. If there is ANY issue, you are “hooped”. I try to book United, where, if there is a cancellation, there are lots of options. My second choice is Hawaiian. The peace of mind of knowing that I will actually get there (or home), is well worth the extra $100 or so.

  2. Allegiant kept USAir competitive in Phoenix – and in many, many cities via connections. Now all bet are off except that the combined American and USAir will drop routes, raise prices, and downgrade planes and service – any contrary views?

  3. We flew Allegiant last year from Spokane, and by the time you pay for your seats, carry on, checked luggage bought drinks and snacks, it was more than flying on Alaska this year. I think Allegiant needs to change what they thought was a good idea with the ala carte. It feels more like I am getting nickel and dimed before I even start my vacation. When we have a choice between Allegiant and another airline, I will choose another one even if it is a little more.

  4. I have flown with aligiant out of Bellingham twice. Both times where pretty crappy, but I would fly with them again in a heartbeat for the price. In this case it’s not the journey it’s the destination. They should try a route from Boing field to Oahu.

  5. The timing of Allegiant’s cuts is unfortunate, because flying the legacy carriers to Hawaii is increasingly becoming untenable due to mileage program changes and devaluations by these companies. Both Delta and United have announced that they are going to a revenue-based mileage earning scheme, which means that it will be much harder for most of their customers to earn enough miles during regular mainland travel in order to earn free Hawaii trips. Being loyal to the majors will make little sense soon, except if Hawaiian and Alaska chose to follow the move.

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