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Allegiant Improves On-Time Performance But Strands Spokane Passengers

Allegiant Air scored an impressive 91% for on-time arrivals between November 15, 2013 through January 15, 2013. That’s a great improvement and is according to FlightStats website. This good news comes as the airline prepares to cautiously launch new flights to Mexico following their not entirely successful Hawaii debut.

Allegiant Hawaii – Service from Bellingham, Las Vegas, Boise, Los Angeles and Spokane.

The company’s Hawaii flights for winter continue to our Aloha State. It isn’t clear what flights might be on tap for the summer. The company’s schedule only runs through April at this time. We don’t anticipate any significant expansion of Allegiant Hawaii service,  however, as Hawaii hasn’t proved successful for the otherwise financially vibrant carrier.

Allegiant’s timing on entering the Hawaii market was unfortunate.

There was too much supply in relation to demand to support profitable ticket pricing. Bellwether carriers Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines have reduced capacity and brought pricing to desirable levels. That has allowed Allegiant to remain in Hawaii albeit in somewhat less force than was anticipated. Hawaii visitors have also shared mixed reviews on Allegiant’s ultra-discount, totally a la carte pricing model, wherein even carry-on baggage and water must be purchased.

Hawaii Flight Cancellation in Spokane.

Allegiant said they were unable to land in Spokane recently due to inadequate low visibility weather equipment on its 757. That equipment would result in unwanted added costs for the airline. Passengers indicated that the flight was initially postponed for two days before being scrapped entirely. The company offered a complete refund to passengers.

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  1. My family was one of the family’s scheduled to fly to Hawaii on Allegiant on Friday 1/17/14 . We got to the Spokane airport early and excited to go on our family vacation. We were informed that the flight was delayed due to fog. Allegiant continued to push the flight back. Finally late Friday they informed us that they would try again on Saturday at 12:30. We got 2 hotel rooms for my husband,myself and our 2 boys and daughter in law. We showed up on Saturday morning and found out that our flight was again being delayed. My husband was told at one point from an Allegiant rep. that the plane had left Boise but was shortly informed by an airport rep. that they had called and the plane had never left Boise. At around 4:00 p.m. I called Allegiant and spoke with their customer service agent, I asked her what was going on, what was going to be done, if they were going to make arrangements to let us stay in Hawaii longer as we had lost 2 days of our 6 day vacation. She was NO help. She said that it was weather related and there was nothing they could do. I told her I was watching planes come in and go out from other airlines. She told me that Allegiant needed more viability than the other airlines. I said “we are going to fly across the ocean on an inferior aircraft?” I then asked if we could get a refund as we were looking into getting a different flight. (We had been planning this vacation for a year, we had a non refundable condo rented everyone had taken time off work ect. this was our family vacation) she told me we could get a credit that had to be used by June as that was one year from when we booked our tickets. I told her there was no way we could use a credit that large on Allegiant only by June. Her response was, “mam we are a small airline I am already breaking several rules, I am not going to charge you any fees for changing your tickets and I am agreeing to give you a credit what more do you want from us?” I said, “we just want to get to our vacation” I did not take the credit, we decided to wait and see about the flight. About an hour later the Allegiant reps. came out and told everybody that the entire flight would be cancelled, we would get a refund that would be funded back to our bank within 5 days. At this point we had to get online and book a trip for 5 to Hawaii with Delta. We left the airport got 2more hotel rooms and left for Hawaii on Sunday afternoon thousands of dollars more spent. Allegiant was awful to us. I am so disappointed in the treatment they gave us and everyone else. I am going to be contacting an attorney if we can’t get them to help us in some way with the additional costs. For anyone out there looking to fly on this airline please be warned if it’s important to you to get somewhere please reconsider taking Allegiant. We fly with them to places like Vegas or L.A. By will NEVER use then again if we care wether we get there or not. I have since heard SO many terrible stories from other people. I am hoping to get this word out wherever I can. Be forewarned. I hope this helps someone.

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