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Why Allegiant Hawaii Flights Get Cut Again

If you’re looking to fly ultra low cost Allegiant Air to Hawaii, the possibilities have dwindled. The carrier’s schedule through early May 2015 is out and at present the only two cities available for flights to Hawaii next winter and spring are Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The good news is that both routes have starting fares of under $140 each way.

Allegiant is the innovative airline known for, among other things, the lowest base price, many a la carte fees, no recline seats (there will be no fight there), and most recently, a $5 charge for printing boarding passes at the airport. They are also known for being nimble with flight schedule changes whenever necessary.

The latest Hawaii flights cut are from Bellingham. Allegiant announced yesterday that it will no longer provide winter “snow bird” flights between there and Hawaii. The flights faced stiff competition from Washington native Alaska Airlines, and simply did not work out because demand and profitability never materialized. That leaves Alaska as the only carrier to Hawaii from Bellingham Airport, which is frequently used by Canadians. Alaska flies year round to Honolulu and from November through early April to Maui. Their flights start at $179 each way.

The two Allegiant Hawaii routes still operating are from major cities where they face direct competition. This marks a change in Allegiant’s business model of flying from 2nd tier cities without competitive flights. These continue for work well for Allegiant because the routes have not seen frequent discounting by Hawaiian Airlines and the other carriers.

The following Allegiant Hawaii routes also remain off schedule. It is unclear which of these or other routes may return for summer 2015.

  • Boise
  • Eugene
  • Fresno
  • Phoenix
  • Spokane
  • Stockton
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