Allegiant Hawaii Plans Postponed Until 2012

Updated 11/18:  Multiple sources are reporting that Allegiant will begin using the 757’s on domestic routes in and out of Las Vegas until their receive ETOPS certification and US Flag carrier status.

Sad news for visitors and for Hawaii travel this afternoon, as it appears Allegiant has shelved plans to make Hawaii a reality in 2011. Originally planned for last quarter 2010, Allegiant’s last word was that flights to Hawaii would commence in Summer 2011.

The reason for this further delay is apparently that the company now believe that ETOPS certification cannot occur before then.  In an SEC filing today, Allegiant visually detailed some of their plans.

757 Plans Amended

It had been rumored recently that Allegiant would again change plans for at least the first 2 of its 6 aircraft acquired for Hawaii service.  Until it has completed ETOPS 180 (over water certification) and US flag carrier status, the company will now use these aircraft domestically. It isn’t clear when that might happen or where they will be used.


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3 thoughts on “Allegiant Hawaii Plans Postponed Until 2012”

    1. Good question Oliver. I looked at Wikipedia (and other sources), but the answers didn’t quite make sense. It seems like a very old concept.

      Aloha, Jeff

  1. I think you underestimated the power of “local” businesses like Hawaiian Air and HMSA to thwart competition in the “Peoples Republic of Hawaii” –
    We are the state with the finest government that money can buy. You may want to re-think your views about Southwest coming to the Aloha state

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