Allegiant: In or Out of Hawaii?

We recently reported the aircraft spotting of Allegiant’s first two 757’s flying in Europe for other carriers. This still unexplained situation caused us to speculate that Allegiant might not ever make it to Hawaii’s shores. You can read more about where those planes went, and why Allegiant might be changing Hawaii plans here.

“For our followers watching Hawaii flights: We currently plan to start Hawaii service in 2012, but we don’t have route information yet”. — Allegiant

Since then, however, press from Allegiant indicates that they either still intend to fly to Hawaii or at least plan to keep that door open, pending further developments. The first indication came in a Tweet likely in response to my post.

Andrew Levy, Allegiant’s president said again this week that the carrier intends to start Hawaii service in Summer 2012. One of the six planes being acquired will begin service in the continental US this summer, as we believed might be needed for Allegiant’s ETOPS certification process. Watch for Las Vegas to be the destination for their interim 757 service.

Allegiant plans to use the planes for future international service too, although no specific details were announced. Mexico is apparently one country being considered.

More 757’s coming. Levy indicated the likelihood that they’ll “certainly be buying a lot more.”

Confirmation of Allegiant’s indicated intentions were found in their recent Twitter feed:

There’s a lot more to come in this unfolding story. I’m hopeful that Allegiant will join Southwest here in Hawaii, bringing with them Hawaii travel deals to drive down the cost of your next Hawaii vacation.


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3 thoughts on “Allegiant: In or Out of Hawaii?”

  1. From what I have been reading online, It seems because Allegiant is having problems getting their ETOPS certifcations, they are currently leasing two of their 757’s to Air Finald and Jet2Holidays for the summer only. This will allow Allegiant to get some cash flow from the 757’s versus having them parked waiting to be put into service. As people in the industry say an aircraft sitting never makes any money.

  2. I hope so as well! Rock fever sets in now every four months and I would live to be able to visit family and friends more! Is Denver a possibility for bith airlines?

  3. Again, I am rooting for Santa Maria CA. for a launch pad for Hawaii for all the obvious reasons. It is un-crouded, has good facilities, very close to Vandenberg Air Force Base, and SMX is probably the most logical air port to use. It is the flattest air space between LAX (without the crowds) and Monterey. They already use it for Las Vegas. This just makes too much sense not to at least use SMX for their over Water flights. We are on the Eastern most logical area on California’s Coast Line and a direct shot for any Island in the Hawaiian chain.

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