Allegiant Air 757 Destined For Hawaii

Allegiant Reaffirms Hawaii Plans

With the severe punch in the stomach at the hands of Southwest’s announcement of their own Hawaii plans, I’ve been pondering whether Allegiant still intended to go forward with its Hawaii vacation offerings. I mentioned that concern just one week ago.

Today there’s an answer from Allegiant and that news is good both for Hawaii visitors and tourism. The type of competition on its way from major players should greatly help in reducing the cost of your future Hawaii vacations.

Allegiant President Andrew Levy said clearly that the carrier’s first priority in adding new resort destinations is Hawaii. They also apparently still intend to serve the islands by mid-year 2012.

Which destinations will Allegiant serve?

“To not serve Hawaii from Bellingham would be a bit of a surprise to us.” —Allegiant

This has been the big question from the beginning. Allegiant has learned wisely to hold these cards close to their chest. One thing, however seems pretty certain. Allegiant intends to serve Hawaii from Washington’s Bellingham Airport. Beyond that we may have to wait until late in the year or longer for actual route and flight announcements.

Other cities that have been widely rumored include Bakersfield, Colorado Springs, Fresno, Stockton, Eugene and Las Vegas.

Southwest moves towards Allegiant’s core market

And in a bid in part to compete with Allegiant’s successful vacation package model that produces terrific ancillary income, Southwest this week enhanced and simplified its hotel booking system. It features integrated TripAdvisor ratings, multi-room bookings, budget preferences, vacation themes, amenities and star ratings.


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6 thoughts on “Allegiant Reaffirms Hawaii Plans”

  1. James.
    to Oliver. It is not the amount of people (roughly 150,000) but also San Luis Obispo, and many other towns and cities up and down the Central coast. It has a very unique location, because of the “flat terrain” for take off and landings, The air force SAC missile base Lompoc, Santa Barbara, Paso Robles and others. Allegiant comes 3 times a week to get People to Las Vegas. This would be an “uncrowded” launch to get to and from Hawaii. Like the saying goes, Build it and they will come. No one likes to go to big airports if they don’t have to.

  2. I am glad they are affirming their desire to go to Hawaii (Allegent) but I am afreaid they are missing the boat by not considering Santa Maria, CA. This is a better hop for them than Bakersfield or Fresno, because they are already here, and it is exactly 1/2 way between Salinas/Monterey and LAX. they have flights here from Las Vegas already. What are their reasons for not including this one SMX?

    1. Thanks for writing James.

      Who’s to say they aren’t considering Santa Maria. I only listed the ones that I’ve heard most often. Time will tell.

      Aloha, Jeff

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