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Allegiant Hawaii – Which New Route and Changes are Next

Allegiant Hawaii is determined to make the islands work and that’s good news for everyone. More carriers and new routes mean better competition, so Hawaii travel deals here we come. Allegiant recently promoted $99 one way fares (including tax) across all of their Hawaii routes. Many of those Hawaii travel deals are in fact still available.

In its short time flying to Hawaii, which began earlier this year, we’ve already seen the novel ultra-economy carrier announce twelve Hawaii routes, one of which was already cancelled. Two of the Allegiant Hawaii routes haven’t yet started, which are Spokane and Boise. These are due to begin in February 2013.

Here’s what we think might be next:

New Allegiant Hawaii Route: Seattle to Honolulu?

Allegiant Air wants to fly from Paine Field in Seattle to Hawaii. Last week the FAA gave approval to commercial flights from Paine, which is home to Boeing’s Everett factory. There is no passenger terminal yet at Paine, which together with neighbor’s opposition, will temporarily impede this route’s progress.

Which routes could get the ax next.

Allegiant has shown a willingness to adjust their Hawaii routes as quickly as necessary in order to have it be financially viable. Prior to its first departure, the company scrubbed plans to fly from Monterey to Honolulu due to lack of demand.

The two routes which may be most susceptible to cancellation are Fresno and Stockton. Neither of these appears to have enough demand thus far to allow for profitable pricing.

Have you tried Allegiant Hawaii service yet? We’d love to hear your comments if you have.

Maui, the Big Island and Kauai

Thus far all but one of the routes announced has been to Honolulu. Given the popularity of the neighbor islands, we expect to see Allegiant to change future routing plans to include these as well.

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7 thoughts on “Allegiant Hawaii – Which New Route and Changes are Next”

  1. As I said I have yet to fly FAT-HNL, but my son flewfrom HNL into LAS and out off FAT. The plane was a BIT late leaving HNL, but he RAVED about the roomy seats that although they did not recline, even at over 6 feet tall, he had plenty of leg room and found the seats comfortable. Passengers are forewarned about the extra charges and you can do the math to see if it’s still a bargain. Lots of flight attendants on other airlines are snippy. On most airlines these days, if you want water, you just get a cup full. No matter what airline I am flying, I always go through security with an empty water bottle and get it filled at a bar or drinking fountain before boarding. Paying for water anywhere is wasteful unless there is a question of sanitation. Mary Ann’s experience sounds like a nightmare. I would pursue the missed flights/car rental problems, but that can–and does–happen with other airlines as well. Allegiant does offer an insurance-type fee, but I’m not sure what all that covers.

  2. I flew from Lihue to Honolulu on Hawaiian to catch Allegiant’s flight 1054 to Santa Maria on Dec. 26 Arriving at the gate we found chaos and an employee who knew little or nothing. Apparently our plane was broken down, needed parts and a mechanic to work on it. They were planning on sending said mechanic and parts over from Utah, but that plane hadn’t left yet.-so it was at least 6 hours away. ( Our broken down plane was sitting at the gate , and had arrived in Honolulu the night before-but Allegiant had done nothing about it. Neither did they inform us the passengers about it. In fact, they sent us an email asking us to check in for the flight in advance.
    The flustered employee at the gate offered $8 meal vouchers for the inconvenience. As you know that doesn’t buy much at Honolulu Airport!
    I called my rental car agency in Santa Maria and the manager said they and all the other rental agencies were closing at 6 pm that day-no exceptions. That meant that I would have been stranded in Santa Maria that night if and when the Allegiant plane arrived there. I have subsequently learned that it didn’t arrive until 3:30 am THE NEXT DAY. Needless to say, I wasn’t on board.
    All the frustrated passengers at the gate began comparing stories. Several stated that coming to Honolulu their Allegiant flight was so late that they were unable to take an interisland flight to Kauai so they missed a day of their vacation and had to find accommodations on their own in Honolulu. They also mentioned the flight was very uncomfortable because the SEATS DO NOT RECLINE. If you can afford another carrier, take it until Allegiant can get some of the kinks out of this new route.
    Incidentally, their bargain airfares are not so great when you also get charged a carry on bag fee and a seat selection fee, a carrier usage fee, and are even charged for WATER ON THE FLIGHT. What’s next-a restroom usage fee?
    To be fair I must say Allegiant has subsequently offered me a partial refund of my two unused tickets. But I had to arrange for an American flight leaving Honolulu for Los Angeles that same day-so you can imagine what that cost!

  3. Yes, there are a lot of extra charges on Allegiant, but to fly from Fresno for $99 is certainly worth it. I have a couple flights scheduled for 2013, have not yet done the flight to HNL, but I often fly to LAS. Those planes are bvery comfortable. No other airlines out of Fresno come even close to that price, and if Ii drive to SJC, I have to figure in my gas and time. The baggage requirement DOES seem excessive. Pack light! You don’t need many clothes in Hawaii, and you can buy what you need when you get there–at least you’ll have something to “show” for the $70!! Really, what are you expecting for $99? ($89 if you buy you ticket at the airport.) I wouldn’t be surprised if they scrub the flights from FAT, but I hope they don’t.

  4. I was just readig today that Oahu hotel rates are on the increase due to expansion of international flights from Asia and Austrailia filled with passengers who will pay a higher nightly rate. So at the end of the day, despite the (sometimes) lower cost of transpoting passenegers and bags., the overrall cost of a Waikiki vacation is going up.
    The nice thing about Allegiant’s biz model is that they can pull in and out of markets relatively cheaply.
    Look for Allegiant to add capacity to Maui, where the accommodation of choice for many is a condo.
    Delta is a small player there, so there’s room for “one more.”
    Also who knows when Southwest and Virgin will jump in?
    All in all westerners will finally get a break on what have been prohibitively high fares.
    Just be sure to snag those car rental reservations early.

  5. Hello,

    I wanted to give you a review of Allegiant Air out of Fresno. My husband flies often from Fresno to Kona, usually via United.

    He did take Allegiant one time in 2012 from Fresno to Honolulu. He said it was a horrible flight for the following reasons:

    1. The seats did not recline.
    2. There were no movies or music.
    3. The staff was not polite – they were civil, but not cordial.
    4. Water cost $2 a bottle – no free water.
    5. There were no connecting flights to the other islands. His luggage
    arrival in Honolulu was late. He had to go a long ways to another
    terminal for his flight to Kona on another airline and barely made it.

    Needless to say, he will not fly on Allegiant again.

  6. I was looking forward to Allegiant flying out of Santa Maria, Ca to Honolulu, as we go once or twice a year and take Hawaiian from San Jose, under a 3-hour drive from our home, while Santa Maria is only 45-minutes. We were on the 1st flight out of Santa Maria and just arrived home this past Saturday. Allegiant charges you for EVERYTHING, even water is $2 and no coffee or any hot beverages. Luggage limit is 40 lbs, most airlines are 50lbs, and consider that most empty suitcases weigh between 10 and 15 lbs, 40lbs is very little. It costs you to select a seat and my wife and I selected an emergency row exit which cost us $60 each, each way. So, when I looked over our bill, these were some of the items (and there were 4 of us traveling) Segement fees $30.40, PFC (?) $36.00, Prepaid Bags, $140, Seat Selection Fee $320, Priority Boarding $40, convenience fee (whatever that is) $80, Carry on bag (yes it costs to carry on a bag and put in the overhead bin) $200. Add to this, when we arrived this Saturday at Santa Maria, we had to wait over 45-minutes to get our luggage. Fortunately, I do know the way to San Jose!

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