American Safari Cruises Finally Come to Hawaii

Back in February 2008, we wrote about American Safari Cruises, which was to bring luxury yacht cruising to Hawaii starting later that year.

The 145-foot, 36-guest, American-flagged Safari Explorer allows destinations not accessible by traditional cruise ships. Their cruises are unique, non-port based cruises, that are focused on cultural, historical and wildlife experiences.

Economic-based cancellation

Then in October, we were sad to announce that American Safari had aborted their plans, based on economic conditions.

Two years later

We’re completely stoked to see American Safari finally come to Hawaii. Even though it is beyond the budget of most of us, it is yet another indication of Hawaii’s rapidly strengthening tourism economy.

Two itineraries unlike anything seen previously in Hawaii cruises will be offered starting in October 2011. Rates start at a whopping $4,995 per person. You can buy cruises on their website or through Pleasant Holidays. The ship will be  manned by an all-U.S. crew including Hawaii residents.

  • Day 1- Maui
  • Day 2 – Explorers’ Moloka’i
  • Day 3 – Moloka’i – The Traditional Isle
  • Day 4 – Lana’i – The Private Island
  • Day 5 – Marine Wildlife; East Maui; Molokini – Underwater Paradise
  • Day 6 – Coastal Adventures; the Big Island
  • Day 7 – The Big Island – Historical Sights

10 day Itinerary

  • Day 1 – Maui
  • Day 2 – Explorer’s Moloka’i
  • Day 3 – Moloka’i; The Traditional Isle
  • Day 4 – Traditional Hawaiian Culture
  • Day 5 – Lana’i; The Private Island
  • Day 6 – Marine Wildlife; East Maui; Molokini
  • Day 7 – Marine Mammal Search
  • Day 8 – Coastal Adventures; the Big Island
  • Day 9 – Marine Wildlife and Coral Reefs
  • Day 10 – The Big Island; Historical Sights

Kauai is still not included in their itineraries, likely due to the infamously rough waters of the Kaua’i channel.


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