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2024 Hawaii Travel Blueprint

In spite of everything else, we remain sold on Hawaii for the 22 reasons below. It is why we live here full-time. If you’re planning a 2024 vacation to the islands, maybe these reasons will help empower your decision to visit Hawaii.

Probably the worst part of a Hawaii vacation is finding reasonably priced accommodation. On the other hand, flights to Hawaii from typical East and West Coast gateways will remain reasonably priced, for the most part.

Hawaii is still one of the world’s premiere luxury leisure travel destinations and a perennial top choice by the US Tour Operators Association, Lonely Planet, Leisure & Travel, travel agents, and savvy travelers for reasons like these:

1. Hawaii’s natural, awe-inspiring beauty. It transcends description. For that reason alone, pictures like below of the Na Pali Coast speak a thousand words.

Napali cliffs | Kokee State Park

2. Consistently mild weather across Hawaii. Casual attire—shorts, t-shirts, and “slippahs” are year-found. Our refreshing trade winds ensure a comfortable atmosphere, even during otherwise hot summer months.

Three Sisters Lanai

3. Islands that each boast unique character. Each island exudes its own distinctive character, offering a range of tropical experiences. Whether you seek solitude on Molokai or Lanai, the vibrant 1 million-strong island metropolis of Oahu/Honolulu, or something in between on Kauai, the Big Island, or Maui, your preferences will be covered.

Hapuna Beach #1 Beach in U.S.

4. An abundance of world-class beaches. More than one hundred beaches await visitor exploration. All of Hawaii’s beaches are public by law, allowing you to unwind in a myriad of locations featured in Hollywood films, including The Descendants. From 3 mile-long Papohaku Beach Molokai (a Beat of Hawaii favorite) to Hapuna and Punaluu on the Big Island, exquisite Makena on Maui, spectacular Polihale on Kauai, Hulopoe on Lanai and Honolulu beaches including Ala Moana and Waikiki Beach, to renowned Hanauma Bay, and Lanikai. And this is just the beginning. The debate over the best beaches in Hawaii is as diverse as the readers of this article, and your opinions are most welcome!

5. Spectacular Hawaii sunsets and sunrises. Just one example below! Actually, our phones have countless Hawaii beach photos. It is what Hawaii vacation memories and dreams are made of. We guarantee you’ll be uplifted and inspired.

maui sunset

6. Exotic tropical fruits, vibrant flowers, and fresh local seafood. To some degree, these and other delights define the culinary scene. Each island is a treasure trove of local food products that are often unique to Hawaii and other tropical destinations and still not readily available on the mainland. Indulge in the tastes of Hawaiian papayas, mangoes, bananas, and more – these are standout culinary experiences that truly stands unmatched!

KCC Farmers Market Honolulu Must Do

7. The essence of Hawaii. Starting with Plumeria, flowering gingers, and countless other exotic floral scents, you’ll find waft in the tropical breezes.

8. Culturally diverse Hawaii cuisine. This mirrors the rich tapestry of Hawaii and its myriad of cultures. Ranging from traditional Hawaiian food to the influences of many other cultures, the food scene is a celebration of that diversity. Farmers markets, with their array of prepared foods plus fresh and local produce, not only provide a delightful introduction, with flavors representing the islands. Get ready for your taste buds to embark on their own Hawaii journey.

9. Hawaiian music. Like the foods here, Hawaiian music is another tapestry, with popular and traditional styles. From melodic slack key and iconic ukulele, to soul-stirring traditional chants. With influences too from reggae and hip-hop. Whether you prefer the soothing sounds of slack key guitar or more lively options, Hawaiian music is worth seeking out in festivals and other venues.

10. Hula. Great hula is truly mesmerizing and has its roots in Hawaii’s Polynesian settlers. As a living art form, it celebrates history, culture, and story. This intricate dance is frequently accompanied by by Mele (song) and Oli (chanting). Hula is an expression of Hawaii’s spirit and is performed by Native Hawaiians and others.

11. Hawaii’s wildlife that can readily be seen. From Hawaiian monk seals to green sea turtleshumpback whales, dolphins, and unique birds, among others. It ranges from marine life in an ocean still teeming with biodiversity. Coral reefs offer homes to many fish, including colorful tropical ones, rays, and sharks. Humpback whales in season are something no one ever tires of. Sea turtles, the most prolific of which are the green sea turtles, are found throughout the islands. Hawaii is also sought after by bird-watching enthusiasts for many native avian species. Lastly, Hawaiian monk seals are endemic to the islands, and we often see them sleeping or resting on the beaches of Kauai.

12. Extensive activities for all ages. Hawaii offers activities suitable for virtually every interest. Even after a lifetime of living here in Hawaii, we never find ourselves lacking activities. Whether you seek adventure, nature, or just a beautiful place to chill, Hawaii has it all.

The captivating ocean world of Hawaii offers endless options of sand, water, setting, activities, and amenities. From pristine white sand to big waves or the large crowds of Waikiki. Hawaii remains a veritable playground for outdoor exploration.

13. Family fun. For the young and for the young at heart, Hawaii offers a rejuvenating escape from everyday life, encouraging a return to nature, beauty, and simplicity.

How Hawaii Marketing Just Dissed Almost All Visitors

15. Exotic yet not foreign. Hawaii provides US visitors with a stress-free and seamless travel experience, eliminating questions that arise in foreign travel.

Latest Airline Plans To Tweak Hawaii Prices Higher

16. Hawaii is easily accessible. Traveling to Hawaii is easy, courtesy of six domestic airlines that have direct and connecting flights to all the islands. These include Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines. As a sought-after tropical destination, the influx of flights with many good deals isn’t going away.

Pearl Harbor

17. Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona on Oahu. The iconic World War II memorial remains consistently one of the most visited destinations in Hawaii. It is managed by the National Park Service. We recently visited and wrote about the USS Missouri.

Hawaii Volcanoes Helicopter Tours Slashed 88% Per FAA Plan

18. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island. Exploring Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island never ceases to fascinate us. It represents the culmination of 70 million years of geology. The park showcases the mesmerizing volcanic activity where you’ll find unique native plants and animals. This iconic national park is an essential Hawaii destination.

The Road to Hana

19. Haleakala National Park and Road to Hana on Maui. Two crown jewels on Maui. Mount Haleakala is a dormant volcano known for spectacular sunrises and its unique landscape. At an elevation of 10,023 feet, the summit provides a unique experience above the clouds of Maui. The Road to Hana is another gem, providing a picturesque and unique journey at Maui’s eastern coastline. It’s known for rainforests, waterfalls, and panoramic ocean views. The scenic drive features some 600 curves and 54 bridges, ending in the small and charming town of Hana.

20. Waimea Canyon on Kauai. The “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” will not disappoint, guaranteed. It never has us, and we return to it frequently and repeatedly. Food at Lodge at Kokee is the best it’s ever been. The hiking trails offer something for all levels of activity.

21. Sailing the Napali Coast on Kauai. Whether as an unforgettable day trip on-island or as part of an NCL Hawaii cruise, this is an unforgettable winner on the Garden Island.

Maui Layoffs Underway With Tourism Crash After Fires

22. Awe-inspiring ocean vistas from Maui. From the shores of Maui, you’ll see unparalleled beauty. Panoramic views of Molokini, the crescent-shaped islet known for vibrant marine life, as well as the nearby islands of Kahoolawe, Lanai, and Molokai, can be enjoyed. Maui’s unique location within the archipelago offers some of Hawaii’s most spectacular views.

Can you resist the places and things beckoning you back to Hawaii in 2024?

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9 thoughts on “2024 Hawaii Travel Blueprint”

  1. With the exception of #17, (Pearl Harbor), you can find everything else in the Caribbean. No passport need for U.S. citizens to go to the USVI. St. John is 60% National Park. With a passport you can travel to the BVI and Sint Maarten/Saint Martin where the island is half Dutch and half French with open borders. And since there was no #14 listed, I will add that the Caribbean actually loves their tourists and thanks them for visiting.

    Gov Green wants only wealthy tourists. Note to Gov Green: Repeat wealthy tourists don’t by all the souvenirs and Aloha shirts. You need to be courting the first time tourists who have saved up their hard earned money only to be not welcomed.

  2. Just returned from a 3-island visit and while it was completely awesome am now compiling the bills and wonder if I will ever return. Besides the deterrent prices the yin/yang view on visitors is real (and the negatives are well founded). Add in the Maui fire housing crisis and I saw how over crowded Kauai became as visitors are mis-directed. There are many challenges facing the 50th and hopefully you will find the leadership you deserve.

    While I do not anticipate returning, an article like this makes it inevitable I will be lured back by these 22 wonders and many others. Great highlights and great web site. Keep up the good work and mahalo.

  3. Friends. We have made friends in Hawaii and they keep us coming back. I’m flying from the East Coast in a few days to spend a week with friends—no sightseeing in the plans.

  4. “…flights to Hawaii from typical East and West Coast gateways will remain reasonably priced, for the most part….”
    I thought you predicted that costs for flights were going to spike?

  5. I’m done with Hawaii. Used to be my favorite place but don’t think I’ll ever go back. Too much micromanaging from the government and the locals are not friendly to you. The islands themselves are great, but everything else ruins it and you must deal with that as part of the package you cannot isolate yourself from it.

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