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Top 25 Reasons To Visit Hawaii In 2023

We know you are sold on Hawaii but maybe you have family on the fence still about a 2022 Hawaii vacation. If so, here’s our just updated visit Hawaii list of reasons to come. As you know, we are in the midst of an unprecedented competitive frenzy that is still yielding some of the best ever cheap flights to Hawaii. So, find your favorite Hawaii deals, and start planning today.

Hawaii remains a premiere worldwide travel destination and has been a recurring top pick by the US Tour Operators Association, Lonely Planet, Leisure & Travel, travel agents, and others. Vacation in Hawaii and see why.

Top 25 Reasons To Visit Hawaii In 2022

1. The Aloha spirit. A friendly and accepting attitude for which Hawaii is well known. And the islands’ inimitable charm and charisma. Some say it is gone or changed. We’re here to tell you that isn’t true.

2. Natural beauty beyond words. Pictures speak a thousand words.

Napali cliffs | Kokee State Park

3. Moderate Hawaii weather. It’s perfect all year which makes it perfect for shorts, a t-shirt, and “slippahs” attire. Cooling trade winds mean it is even very comfortable in summer.

4. Islands that each retain a unique character. So whether you want to escape people entirely on Molokai or Lanai, enjoy the one million person metropolis of Honolulu, or something in between on the Big Island, Kauai or Maui, we’ve got you covered.

5. A plethora of beaches considered world class. First, remember that all of Hawaii’s beaches are public by law. So you can plunk yourself down right even where the movie The Descendants was filmed. Where to start? From always award-winning Hapuna and Punaluu on the Big Island, Makena and Kaanapali on Maui, Ala Moana/Waikiki Beach, Hanauma Bay and Lanikai on Oahu, Hanalei and Poipu on Kauai, Hulopoe on Lanai and Papokahu on Molokai, and that’s just for starters. There will be as many opinions on our best beaches as there are readers of this article. And we’d like to hear yours!

6. Spectacular Hawaii sunsets and sunrises. Example below! This is the stuff that Hawaii vacation memories and dreams are made of. You’ll be inspired and moved. Guaranteed!

maui sunset

7. Tropical fruits and flowers. Local seafood. Great local food products abound on all of the islands. Many if not most simply cannot be found on the mainland. Papayas, mangoes, or bananas from Hawaii – as we say no ka oi (there is no equal)!

8. The smells of Hawaii. Starting with Plumeria and other exotic floral scents that waft in the air as well as those that can be purchased.

9. Culturally diverse foods of Hawaii which are inspired by those of us who live here. Have you tried poi? Farmers markets are always a great place to start.

10. Hawaiian music. With a wide array of both popular and traditional styles. An enormous creative range that starts with slack key and Ukulele and soars.

11. Hula. A unique global dance form that originated in Hawaii by Polynesian settlers. It is accompanied by Mele (song) and by Oli (chanting). Not to be missed!

12. Wildlife that can readily be seen. From Hawaiian monk seals to green sea turtles, humpback whales, dolphins, and unique birds.

13. Enormous variety of activities for all to enjoy. You can spend your entire life here and still not take them all in. From snorkeling and surfing to visiting waterfalls, lava tubes, black sand beaches, and white sand too. Choose big waves for surfers or little ones for kids.

14. Family fun. A great place for kids of all ages to be kids, and a unique respite from the mainland.

15. Romance. A case could be made for Hawaii being the perfect place for romance. What do you think?

16. Exotic yet familiar. While safely within the USA, you’ll also have no issues with your cell phone, electric or foreign currency.

17. Hawaii is easy to get to. There are many direct flights to the Big Island, Honolulu, Kauai and Maui. And more flights and deals will be coming soon. We’ve now got three airlines each focused on Hawaii. Those include Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines and Southwest Airlines, in addition to legacy US and other carriers.

18. Pearl Harbor on Oahu. The iconic World War II memorial is open again following repairs, and is consistently ranked in the top three most visited destinations in Hawaii. It is part of the National Park Service.

19. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island. See the result of 70 million years together with today’s unique and complex ecosystem. The park is also a native plant and animal refuge and not to be missed!

20. Haleakala National Park and Road to Hana on Maui. The spectacular crown jewel on Maui.

21. Waimea Canyon on Kauai. The grand canyon of the Pacific will not disappoint; guaranteed.

22. Kalaupapa Hike on Molokai. A beautiful and spiritual journey awaits those who make this trip.

23. Sailing the Napali Cost on Kauai. Whether as a day trip or part of an NCL Hawaii cruise, this is an unforgettable winner.

24. Island ocean vistas from Maui. On either west or south Maui, you’ll enjoy some of the most spectacular island views possible. Take in picturesque Molokini, Kahoolawe, Lanai, and Molokai.

25. Hawaii is relaxing. From some of the world’s best resorts and spas to Hawaii beach rentals, you are going to unwind while staying here. That’s for sure.

What are the top things that keep bringing you back to Hawaii?

Updated 2/28/22.

28 thoughts on “Top 25 Reasons To Visit Hawaii In 2023”

  1. I went to Oahu in 1985 with my kids and we decided to take a tour of all 4 of the major islands and so glad we did! Each island has its own unique characteristics and personality. I loved it so much I have been back a total of 5 times.

  2. I have looked at schedules and I get not available at this time, even if the price chart says flights available. In November there are only flights twice a week. My conference has been canceled twice. I’ve paid for the conference, but getting a flight is practically noon-existendent.

  3. Thanks BOH Guys

    It’s 12 degrees F here and I’m under 1 ft of snow. You’ve got to stop. I can’t stand it anymore.

    BTW Grandma’s Coffee House, Upcountry Maui should be on the list.

  4. You have me pining for Hawaii again (even tho we were just there in Oct). Have only been to Kauai & only as a couple. Was thinking about bringing Mom & adult daughter along with us over Christmas… Can be tricky because you want Xmas morning to still feel “Christmas-y”. Anyone have experience with a particular island, resort, hotel, ideas etc. that they recommend? I prefer remote, “real” Hawaii, wildlife, snorkeling. But, would be nice for daughter/mom to easily go do their own thing. Thanks!

  5. My reason to visit Oahu since 2014 which started out once a year and have since graduated to 3 times a year…my grandbabies! The warm weather and beaches are just an added perk!

  6. Warm weather, Hanalei Bay and snorkeling with the turtles at Anini are my top reasons. But I love when company comes and we go to the sites and play tour guide

  7. LOL, we have no difficulties with wearing a mask when it comes to going to Hawaii. With any luck see you in a few months as well as other friends too.

  8. Aloha, traveling to Oahu in May as that’s the most affordable island right now, although airfare is cheap to all the islands, accommodations on neighbor islands are much more expensive.

  9. Aloha Guys! 🙂

    We were married on Waimanalo Beach. Visit HI at least 3-4X per year. No place on Earth has better Ahi and Kampachi sashimi with awesome people like Jeff and Rob. 🙂

    For travel deals, try CostcoTravel packages-resorts with a car rental some include resort fees and breakfast. We buy packages w/o airfare and go directly to Alaska or Southwest for the best flight times and prices out of San Diego. Saves us thousands on resorts & offers flexibility if we need to change dates/cancel.

    1. Aloha Erin, 🌺!! I’ve postponed my trip until 2024 & my itinerary has been completed for awhile now. I know everything that I want to do😊My Grandfather was in Navy & in Pearl Harbor. It has been my lifelong dream to go to Oahu for my vacation & to pay my respects @ Pearl Harbor since I have very close ties! I’m getting super excited & I’m dreaming of the day when I will be sitting on ✈ coming!! 🌞🕶🏖❤💕📅🛍🍍🐢🥥🌈🐠🐬🌍🎉 God bless you….psalms 91:11😇

  10. I am interested in Hawaii vacation trips and deals to the islands. I particularly enjoy snorkeling.

    Thank you.

  11. Hello, I am planning a trip to Hawaii in late August for a week. Our choice of island is The Big Island since me and my son love the outdoors and hiking. When is the best time to buy airline tickets, book a hotel reservation or buy a package deal? This will be my first time going to Hawaii and I am super excited! I love your website and thank you for all the wonderful posts:) More power to you!

    1. Hi Flor.

      Thank you. You didn’t say where you’re flying from, but based on your computer IP address it looks to be Phoenix. Phoenix hasn’t had many good deals to Hawaii for a long time. Thus we’d expect target price to be high $500’s. Keep checking as that could happen at any time. Currently price is about $100 higher. Availability should not be an issue.

      Suggest buying accommodations and car at that time since air prices will vary by day of week. Packages may be more convenient but aren’t likely to save any money.


  12. My personal list for Waikiki: Hiking up to the lookout at the top of Diamond Head for the spectacular view, going to Leonard’s Bakery for a fresh malasada (Portuguese doughnut) with haupia (coconut cream) filling, going 120 feet under Mamala Bay in an Atlantis submarine and perhaps best of all, sitting on a bench behind Kaimana Beach on a weekday morning when it is quiet and just enjoying the feeling of being in Paradise. I will be back in March 2018 with my son, daughter-in-law and two granddaughters. Aloha.

  13. We call Hawaii our home but we just happen to spend a lot of our time on the main land. “Home is where your heart is”
    Mahalo for keeping it as it is.
    Forever grateful
    Charlie and Zelda

  14. We love listening to the waves lap the seashore OR when it is wild – crash onto the shore! Between that and the sunrises and sunsets – We don’t need much more of an incentive. We love everything about Hawaii. Especially the Aloha spirit and the slower pace.

    We first visited Maui in 2004. Then visited the Big Island in 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2015. We will be visiting Kauai for the first time in late 2017! We can hardly wait! We never dreamed in a million years that we would get to visit Hawaii even once! But, Hawaii is hubs favorite place to visit and I couldn’t be happier to plan another trip!!

    See you soon! Just a few more months.

    1. Now that we are ‘older’ one important factor to consider when traveling in general is the fact that Medicare works in Hawaii :o) Thankfully, we have never needed to use it, but when we used to travel to MX – we always, Always, ALWAYS had to purchase Travel/Health insurance and what we jokingly call ‘bag and tag’ insurance.

      Hubs prefers visiting Hawaii above any place we have Traveled. We are heading back to Big Island (missed all the excitement :0( and it looks like we will be making a return trip to Kauai in 2020. So, maybe we will meet over drinks after all :0)

      Mahalo for all your hard work. Love Beat of Hawaii!

  15. Thank you for all this great information about why we should visit Hawaii as soon as possible! I love Hawaiian scented products and I bet I would love the Plumeria and exotic floral scents wafting in the air that you mentioned. I’ll have to show this list to my husband and it’ll convince him that we need to go!

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