Another Iconic Beach Threatened | Will Hawaii Take Action?

What does Hawaii do when precious natural, cultural and historic resources are being decimated?

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35 thoughts on “Another Iconic Beach Threatened | Will Hawaii Take Action?”

  1. The situation needs to be corrected and that’s something many people, Hawaiians and Tourists, should agree upon. The proper disposal of garbage, junk and unwanted items needs to happen. Sides of roads need to be cleaned up and kept that way. “Finding” the money to effectively Police each County shouldn’t be a problem, maybe it’s finally time to open up the books and see where the money has gone and is going. State, County and Municipal! The Funding is there, somewhere, and Federal Matching Funds can be received.

  2. The State seems to Want Intake of Money but Wisely Spending it is Totally Elusive, even at the County and Municipal Levels. I have learned that you can make all of the Laws you want, if You don’t enforce them why did you bother! Hawaiian Governments Need to Find the Money necessary to Protect and Enforce in these areas Or Stop Complaining. It’s the Residents of Hawaii Willfully Destroying these areas and others, how difficult is it to identify and track them down! Hawaii Can Stop This If They Want.

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