Beat of Hawaii in USA Today

Beat of Hawaii in USAToday Travel

We were pleased to have the opportunity to work with USA Today's Laura Bly, who recently published her article Hawaii Beach Escapes for Under $150/Night. Laura is a friend who shares our passion for economy travel and Hawaii. She's one of the most senior travel writers/editors in the US, and has over thirty years experience.

As Jeff was quoted in USAToday's article, there are certainly still deals to be had. More now than ever, obtaining them is based on flexibility to respond to both short duration and last minute offers by airlines, can rentals, accommodation providers and activity vendors.

Economy travel is Beat of Hawaii's obsession. We are always on the lookout for those deals and report them to you here. Please subscribe to our free updates, or if you're really ready to get a Hawaii deal, find out about our VIP Alerts. You now get a full year of immediately custom deal notifications for under $20.

After you look at the article, please let us know what your recommendations are for finding Hawaii budget accommodations. 

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